1. The Highlights: Popular Jewelry Metals

    When analyzing your own jewelry collection or admiring new pieces to add to your collection, the precious metals used us often the most visible element to the naked eye. Whether it's the bright white of platinum, or the warm yellow of yellow gold, which precious metal is used for an engagement ring or other jewelry piece actually goes far beyond aesthetics. Different metals feature different compositions and durability. The three most popular precious metals are platinum, gold, and silver. These metals are used alone or alloyed with other metals to make jewelry and coins in addition to their industrial uses.


    Highlights of Platinum

    Platinum is the rarest of the precious metals commonly used in jewelry. Only about 150 tons are produced a year compared to 1500 tons of gold. It takes approximately 10 tons of mining ore to produce 1 ounce of platinum. Platinum has a relatively short history of use in jewelry due to the difficultness of working with it. Platinum is very heavy and durable, as well as hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Naturally white, platinum jewelry is 90-95% pure while platinum bullion is usually 99.9% pure. Platinum jewelry will have stamps indicating its purity.

    • "950 plat or 950pt" is 95% pure platinum plus 5% other metals
    • "900 plat or 900pt" is 90% pure platinum plus 10% other metals


    Highlights of Gold

    Gold has the longest history of use in jewelry of all precious metals. Gold is very scarce and it takes approximately 3.2 tones of mining ore to produce 1 ounce of pure gold. Gold is a very strong metal but also very malleable so it is frequently alloyed with other metals to increase its strength, durability, and color. The most common colors of gold used in jewelry are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The fineness of gold is measured in karats which denotes how many parts pure gold out of 24 parts. Pure gold is 24 karat and is rarely used in jewelry as it is too soft. The most commonly available gold bullion coins are 22 or 24 karat gold. All jewelry sold in the United States must be a minimum of 10 karat gold and stamped somewhere on the jewelry. Below is a breakdown of gold karat content and purity:

    • 10 karat - 41.7% pure gold
    • 14 karat - 58.5% pure gold
    • 18 karat - 75.0% pure gold
    • 24 karat - 100%  pure gold


    Highlights of Silver

    Silver is the most widely used precious metal of the precious metals commonly used in jewelry. According to estimates, there are approximately 17 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold. In ancient Egypt, silver was considered more valuable then gold and the leading producing countries in the world today are Peru and Mexico.

    Sterling Silver jewelry is the United States is made up of 92.5 % silver mixed with other metals and will be stamped ".925" or "sterling." Most silver flatware is made of sterling silver although lower quality silver was also used in flatware.

    Would you believe more than 95% of annual silver consumption is from industrial and decorative uses: photography, jewelry, and silverware?


    Bonus tip: It is important to note that some materials are too hard or brittle to resize safely. For example, rose gold is more sensitive to stress and can crack when being resized, while Tungsten and stainless steel rings are usually too hard to resize effectively. At Gold and Diamond Source, we are proud to have a full in-house repair department with Master Jewelers on hand to resize your engagement ring, as well as repair, restore, or refurbish any piece of jewelry you have using the latest state of the art tools and technology.



    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to learn more about precious metals and shop our full jewelry collections.


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  2. Spotlight: August's Peridot Birthstone Jewelry

    Happy birthday to all celebrating a birthday in August! Those marking the end of a trip around the sun this month can celebrate with the peridot, an elegant, bright green birthstone. Bold, stable and strong, there are so many reasons to love this gorgeous green gemstone.

    A Fresh Look at August's Green Birthstone

    While emeralds might be the most popular green gemstone, peridot deserves a second look even if you don't celebrate a birthday in August.

    Peridots are beautiful olive-green stones made from gem-quality olivine. Olivine is a fairly common silicate mineral but gem quality olivine is rare. The rarest peridots of the highest quality and clarity come from Burma. Burmese Peridot is now very scarce because of the communist rule over the country. These stones are highly sought after among collectors.

    Many of the finest gem-quality peridots used in today’s jewelry are mined in the United States. Peridot Mesa, on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation east of Globe in Gila County produces at least 80% of the world’s gem quality peridots. The most productive veins of peridot are found on the reservation where only Native Americans affiliated with the San Carlos Reservation are allowed to mine the stones.

    Gem quality peridots are also found in New Mexico, Arkansas and Hawaii and in other places in the world. Deep olive green Peridots can be very expensive depending on the the clarity of the stone and how much fire the stone has. The deepness of the green color is dependent upon the quantity of iron in the stone.

    Peridot Birthstone Folklore

    Peridots are believed to bring the wearer luck, success and peace! The Hawaiian people treasured peridot, believing the gem to be the tears of the goddess Pele. The romans named the gem "Evening Emerald" because its brilliant color did nor fade in lamplight, but instead seemed to glow in the evening hours. Partly for this reason, peridot was believed to help dreams become a reality and to drive away the evil spirits of night. It is also thought to aid in the success of marriage and other relationships. This may be because it is thought to encourage positive energy as well as suppress ego and jealousy.


    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete selection of peridot jewelry, or shop a selection online HERE.

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    "I have visited GDS a few times since I got engaged and the customer service has been consistently great! Someone is always at the front door to greet you and show you in the right direction. The sales people I have been paired up with always seem happy and eager to please!

    Besides the customer service, who wouldn't enjoy themselves while looking at all the shiny diamonds?

    I had the pleasure to work to Alexis (the brunette) about what kind of wedding band would match my uniquely shaped engagement ring. She gave me so many options and went above and beyond by requesting a price quote from the designer who made my engagement ring for a matching wedding band. She emailed me on her days off to keep me in the loop!!

    Alexis was with another customer when my fiancé and I came back in to buy, but Veronica took care of us as if we'd been working with her all along. She made the check out experience painless and quick.

    I will always recommend GDS when a friend is getting engaged. We've already sent two happy couples their way!" — Nina M. on Yelp

  3. Engraving Ideas for Bridal Jewelry

    Adding a sentimental custom engraved message to the inside of your engagement ring or wedding band is great way to add extra meaning to your bridal jewelry and even share a message that's just between you and your partner. At Gold and Diamond Source, we are happy to offer our fine hand engraving free of charge when you purchase a ring from us so you can enjoy rings as special as your love story.

    When you trust us to add a custom message to your bridal jewelry, each engraving is executed by a master craftsman, expertly trained in the art of hand engraving. Hand engraving is a skill that few jewelers learn to master, but when performed professionally, can yield spectacular results. Engraving can add a personal touch to an already special possession.

    It is important to note that most couples choose to engrave their message on the inside of the band so that it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the ring. While it is possible to engrave the outside of the ring, the message is likely to fade from wear over time.  

    Need inspiration before you engrave your jewelry? This post is for you!

    A Special Date

    You might consider getting a special date engraved to remind you of the day you met, when you fell in love, when you proposed, or when you plan to say "I do." Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or other milestones such as graduations are other popular occasions that we see often engraved on keepsake jewelry.


    Concise and personal, initials are a wonderful sentiment to have engraved on the inside of a ring. The initials of your partner can be a simple and wonderful way to celebrate them while personalizing your ring. Make it even more special and have your initials engraved alongside theirs to symbolize an everlasting bond with your future husband or wife.

    A Sweet Message

    Having a ring engraved is a wonderful opportunity to write a special message in stone - or precious metal rather. Perhaps you have a special nickname for your loved one you’d like that forever written in time, or a special saying you share together. Even a simple ‘I Love You’ can be a beautiful reminder to share with someone.

    Here are some other sayings we're fond of:

    'Let's Grow Old Together'

    'Forever + Always'

    'All My Love'

    'Eternally Yours'

    'My Love, My Life'

    'Cross My Heart'

    An Inside Joke

    Since the inside of your engagement ring or wedding band is such an unseen place, this is the perfect place to make use of that joke or story that's just between the two of you. A ring is a small piece of real estate, so start thinking how to express that sentiment in as few characters as possible!


    Whatever you choose to engrave on your ring, rest assured Gold and Diamond Source and their team of master craftsman trained in the art of hand engraving will beautifully personalize your jewelry. Engraving is your opportunity to turn your world class jewelry into a one-of-a-kind treasure, with the perfect personal touch.



    Learn more about our services HERE.

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    "Had to go back out to this location to drop off a piece of jewelry that my husband purchased for me to be altered. Tyler was his usual pleasant and helpful self. Lol...
    The business was taking a lot of precautions amid the Covid restrictions. I found that to be pretty awesome. I could tell that the owners truly care about the safety of both their customers and themselves. The gift bags with the gloves, masks and other anti-bacterial products that they were giving away at the door with a great added touch.
    I definitely wasn't expecting it to be that crowded on that day.
    We actually had the pleasure of meeting Julie. I guess I wasn't expecting her to be so kind and helpful. It was a very nice surprise. She was very kind and pleasant to talk to. She is very down to earth. Which I guess I was not expecting after seeing her on commercials and billboards and such. Thanks Julie!
    My husband surprised me with purchasing a Mother's Day great gift which Julie wrapped for me and I was very appreciative.   I wasn't expecting it nor was I expecting her to be wrapping it for me.
    All in all it was yet another pleasant shopping experience. Tyler is always on top of his game.
    Other people who choose to stand around and look at you and not offer to help should take note of the way Tyler handles his business.
    Just saying.....
    I cannot stress enough how glad I am that we "DID" decide to listen to an associate of ours and check out this store. It is well worth the trip across the bay. We had seen the store in passing for years now. But had never checked it out.
    We had no idea what we were missing!
    Being the jewelry lover  that I am, I know that they'll be seeing more of me in the future.
    Thanks again Tyler and Julie!
    You rock!" — Shernea D. on Yelp



    Trust in Our Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy

    With our unique 100% diamond trade-in policy, you may trade in your diamond at any time toward another diamond(s) of equal or greater value. Your trade in value is the original purchase price, excluding tax. The lifetime trade-in policy is valid for in-store and online purchases. Items that qualify for trade in are diamond solitaire rings, diamond solitaire pendants, and diamond solitaire earrings. Learn more about this policy HERE.


  4. How to Get Engaged This Fall

    Are you planning on getting engaged this fall?

    With a little planning now, you can plan the perfect fall or winter proposal to end 2020 with a moment to remember! At Gold & Diamond Source, it's our passion to help couples find their perfect engagement ring and tie the knot. In this post, we are sharing our top proposal tips to help you take this next step with ease.

    Like most big decisions in life, communication is key, and picking out an engagement ring is no exception. Even if the proposal will be a surprise, it's a good idea to discuss a few key factors as a couple.

    Your engagement ring will likely be your most-used, most-treasured piece of jewelry. It will be worn for years to come, through all seasons and all life events, so now is the time to explore, discuss, and try on different shapes, styles, and sizes to find a ring that feels just right for you.

    While you can visit our showroom today and purchase an engagement ring, there is a lot of value in a little preparation. Start with the questions below and visit us when you are ready to find your dream engagement ring.


    Chat about it early. 

    Even if you plan on making the proposal a surprise, now is a great time to casually bring it up in conversation— fish out little details to see if your partner would want their ideal proposal private or public, indoors or outdoors, and other important details. By bringing it up now, they are less likely to suspect anything when you pop the question later on! 


    Start with budget.

    It might not be the first thing you want to talk about when considering a proposal, but getting an idea of budget is healthy and helps set expectations for both partners. There are a lot of engagement rings out there, and getting an idea of budget early helps narrow the choices and keep you on track.


    Colorless or color? 

    Many couples are opting for engagement rings featuring a center or accent colored gemstones. Consider if you want only white diamonds, or if you'd like to include some color as a nod to your favorite color, birthstone, or the month you plan to marry. Consider sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or fancy-colored diamonds.


    What about style? 

    It's a good idea to get a basic understanding of different engagement ring styles to start off with. Consider a simple solitaire, a bold halo, or a pretty vintage design to get started. You can explore different engagement ring styles here.


    How about shape? 

    There are a number of different diamond shapes or ‘cuts’ available, and having an idea of which you prefer (round, pear, heart, and more!) will make it much easier to find the perfect gem for your engagement ring. The diamond shape might be the most visually significant choice you make, so be sure to consider shapes that reflect your personal style.

    Explore different diamond shapes and sizes here.


    About that ring size...

    There are three common ways you can measure your ring size right at home so you can finally get your ring measurement right, for good. Be sure to measure both at the beginning of the day and at the end, as your fingers are prone to change size slightly throughout the day. Find out how to measure easily at home HERE


    Stop by for a visit!

    While it's easy to fall in love with engagement rings on Pinterest or Instagram, it's also a good idea to try on different styles in person. You’ll want to know how the ring really feels and fits on your hand until you actually see it up close.


    Don’t forget the important stuff.

    We'll make sure you are set during and after purchasing your engagement ring. We are happy to provide complimentary cleanings and jewelry repair to make sure your engagement ring stays as stunning as the day you said "yes!" Learn more about our services HERE.



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    "My husband and I went to the G&DS before we got engaged to look at diamonds and settings. We were immediately impressed with the friendly, professional atmosphere and the incredible selection of beautiful stones and jewelry. Cale and Debbie were extremely knowledgable and super helpful. We ended up buying all three of our rings from G&DS, and they were very accommodating making sure everything fit perfectly. Their customer service is superior and the quality and prices of their jewelry is unbeatable. Highly recommend!!!" — Kathi Y. on Yelp


  5. Tungsten Wedding Bands

    What we wear is an outward expression of our inner selves. Jewelry has a unique ability to reflect our mood and the way we want to be perceived by those around us. Mens wedding bands are no exception. A man’s style and desired image are on display when he extends his ringed hand for a firm shake or waves at someone on the street. The man and the metal he chooses often have a lot in common. Let’s dive into this intimate relationship, what the metal says about the man, and why Tungsten is a great option to consider.

    Tungsten Wedding Bands

    Tungsten is known as the “heavy stone” metal. Like the metal itself, the man who chooses a ring made from Tungsten hosts a robust character. He is a hands on kind of guy, necessitating a ring that can stand up to some scrapes along the way. The tungsten man is not easily rubbed the wrong way and is often described as the strong, silent type. However, his patience has a breaking point. Like the metal of his choice, he can crack under pressure if the right type of blow is dealt. Overall, a tungsten band is bold, reliable, and strong.

    Things to Consider The Picking Out His Wedding Band

    Up until now, it's been all about the engagement ring and proposal. Now that she said yes and has the perfect engagement ring, it's time to focus on finding the perfect wedding band for you. For every type of man out there, there is a wedding band option to match.

    Express your style. More so if you are a man who doesn't typically enjoy jewelry, your wedding band is a chance to really express your style. Diamonds, colored gemstones, textures and mixed metals help achieve a one-of-a-kind look with a nod to your personal look. The options might surprise you!

    Consider your lifestyle. Gold rings can show minor scratches over time. (Don't worry-- a trip to visit our experts at Gold and Diamond Source can take care of all signs of wear!) If you are active or work with your hands, you might want to consider a durable metal or getting a second band when you want to leave your beloved ring at home. Titanium is extremely durable, hypoallergenic and lightweight. It is a great choice for individuals who prefer a much lighter material.

    Think about coordinating. You can't help it if opposites attract, but you do have a say when it comes to your wedding rings! Discuss with your partner if you'd like to work with a matching look or something totally different. You can both choose bands that represent your own styles. Find a middle ground with the same metal (such as rose gold) and then put your own twist on the final designs with textures, gemstones and more!



    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete selection of wedding bands, or shop a selection online HERE.

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