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  1. Real Life: Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

    BUDGET-FRIENDLY: 14 Karat Gold Round Diamond Solitaire Ring Featuring a .25 Carat Round Diamond. The Diamond Displays G-H-I In Color, and Your Choice Of I2-VS Clarity


    Are you planning on popping the question this holiday season, or maybe sometime in 2020? We're sharing our top engagement ring shopping tips. to help you take this next step. Like most big decisions in life, communication is key, and picking out an engagement ring is no exception. Even if the proposal will be a surprise, it's a good idea to discuss a few key factors as a couple.

    Your engagement ring will likely be your most-used, most-treasured piece of jewelry. It will be worn for years to come, through all seasons and all life events, so now is the time to explore, discuss, and try on different shapes, styles, and sizes to find a ring that feels just right for you.

    While you can visit our showroom today and purchase an engagement ring, there is a lot of value in a little preparation. Start with the questions below and visit us when you are ready to find your dream engagement ring.


    Get to know the different engagement ring styles.

    It's a good idea to get a basic understanding of different engagement ring styles to start off with. Consider a simple solitaire, a bold halo, or a pretty vintage design to get started. You can explore different engagement ring styles here.


    Decide which type of gemstone or diamond you want.

    Many couples are opting for engagement rings featuring a center or accent colored gemstones. Consider if you want only white diamonds, or if you'd like to include some color as a nod to your favorite color, birthstone, or the month you plan to marry. Consider sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or fancy-colored diamonds.


    Decide on the shape.

    There are a number of different diamond shapes or ‘cuts’ available, and having an idea of which you prefer (round, pear, heart, and more!) will make it much easier to find the perfect gem for your engagement ring. The diamond shape might be the most visually significant choice you make, so be sure to consider shapes that reflect your personal style.

    Explore different diamond shapes and sizes here.


    Get an idea of budget.

    It might not be the first thing you want to talk about when considering a proposal, but getting an idea of budget is healthy and helps set expectations for both partners. There are a lot of engagement rings out there, and getting an idea of budget early helps narrow the choices and keep you on track.


    Figure out your ring size.

    There are two ways you can find your or your gift reciprient's ring size. Simply use the ring size guide here using a few household items, or if you have time to spare, you can order our exclusive plastic ring sizer here. Be sure to measure both at the beginning of the day and at the end, as your fingers are prone to change size slightly throughout the day.


    Try it on for size.

    While it's easy to fall in love with engagement rings on Pinterest or Instagram, it's also a good idea to try on different styles in person. You’ll want to know how the ring really feels and fits on your hand until you actually see it up close.


    Don’t forget the important stuff.

    At Gold and Diamond Source, we'll make sure you are set during and after purchasing your engagement ring. Here are a few things to consider:


    Shop Gold & Diamond Source engagement rings by style, price and more here.


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  2. Holiday Wish List: Diamond Earrings

    Versatile, timeless, and perfect on their own or with other jewelry, diamond earrings are topping our wishlist this holiday season!

    Next to our diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings just might be the most-used item from our jewelry collection. Diamond earrings are the perfect day-to-night, weekday-to-weekend, jewelry. This everyday accessory shines all on its own, but they functional enough to coordinate with necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. A critical factor in gift giving— they are always the right size!

    If you are looking for a simple pair of classic diamond stud earrings, or maybe you've been searching for something out of the box, we've highlighted some of our favorites below!


    Diamond Halo Earrings

    Accentuate Your Diamond Stud Earrings with these 14 Karat Gold Square Diamond Halo Earring Jackets
    These Pear Shape Halo Diamond Stud Earrings Make For A Perfect Everyday Piece

    Diamond halos add extra shine to a classic pair of diamond stud earrings. Choose earring jackets or halo diamond earrings for a set that's perfect for any occasion.


    Something Extra Earrings

    14 Karat Gold Pave Sun Burst Stud Earrings Featuring .41 Carat Total Weight Round Diamonds
    14 Karat White Gold Diamond Ear Crawlers Featuring .19 Carat Total Weight Round Diamonds


    Need something a bit extra? From 10 ct. diamond studs to a total of 52 ct. dangling from your ears, these earrings will be sure to steal the show!


    Classic Diamond Studs

    14 Karat White Gold Round Diamond Earrings
    14 Karat Yellow Gold Round Diamond Earrings

    These diamond studs complement any look. Wear these every day for extra sparkle.


    Diamond Hoops

    Enjoy the beauty of classic styling and sophisticated design with this stunning pair of diamond earrings. The featured earrings are cast in 18Kt Gold and showcase open round hoop designs adorned with round cut diamonds.
    Our diamond hoop earrings display manifold stunning diamonds, allowing the hoops to sparkle from front to back with grace and refinement. Bring on the bling!


    Diamond hoops are as classic as diamond studs but with way more shine! Choose from different sizes and styles with diamonds inside and outside or just out for a look that you will shine in!


    Something Different

    14KT Gold OpenPear Shape Drop Diamond Earrings
    14 Karat Gold Rectangle Leverback Drop Earrings Featuring .30 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds

    Add extra flair with something different. From rose gold to scrollwork to interlocking hearts, these earrings stand out!


    "I went in to purchase a signet ring for my husband and AJ helped me pick the perfect shape and weight of the ring that would be the foundation of a custom piece. From then on, I worked with Val to design and create a beautiful heirloom for my husband's birthday. Val is an authentic and warm person who genuinely wants you to be happy with your purchase. After lengthy discussions, she knew exactly the style I was going for with my husband's ring. She worked above and beyond what is expected contacting me continuously through email (with pictures!) before moving forward with each iteration of the ring's design. I would be remiss to not mention the jeweler who crafted the ring. It is just beautiful. My experience was definitely a 5 star experience. I highly recommend The Gold and Diamond Source and ask for Val!!" — Jessica C. on Yelp


    Want to see more? Shop our collection of diamond earrings online here.


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  3. A Guide to Getting the Best Diamond for You

    This Gorgeous Solitaire Diamond Accent Ring is Beyond Exquisite! The Ring Features a 2.00 Carat Round Brilliant Center Diamond

    Whether you are considering a loose diamond as the start of an engagement ring, to upgrade an existing piece of jewelry, or for another design entirely, nothing compares to the brilliace and fire of a loose diamond. By purchasing a loose diamond apart from a setting, you are able to get the best look at the stone to really see the 4 C's up close— cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You can view inclusions that a setting might otherwise hide or distract from, allowing you to make an informed decision about the diamond you are investing in.

    We are happy to offer our customers an extensive collection of diamond shapes including round brilliant, princess, oval, cushion, and radiant cuts. We carry diamonds graded by the most notorious gemological laboratories such as GIA, EGL, IGI and AGS.


    The Anatomy of a Diamond

    Learn about the 4 C's from the diamond experts. Our diamond education center is loaded with information from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) so you can rest assured you are making an informed diamond purchase. Learn more HERE.


    Fancy Color Diamonds

    Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow. Check out our vast selection of diamonds in yellow, blue, pink, green and purple. Fancy colored diamonds are graded based on the depth of color - Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid. Explore fancy color diamonds HERE.


    Explore our Diamond Search

    Get a head start on your diamond search. Explore and compare diamonds by shape, carat, color, clarity, cut, and more with this innovative diamond search tool. Find this online tool HERE.


    Create Your Perfect Piece

    Are you ready to design your perfect piece? Explore our online Stud Builder, Pendant Builder, or Ring Builder to get started.


    Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy

    With our unique 100% diamond trade-in policy, you may trade in your diamond at any time toward another diamond(s) of equal or greater value. Your trade in value is the original purchase price, excluding tax. The lifetime trade-in policy is valid for in-store and online purchases. Items that qualify for trade in are diamond solitaire rings, diamond solitaire pendants, and diamond solitaire earrings. Learn more about this policy HERE.


    "This Store is the ultimate of all jewelry stores. The staff treated us with the utmost respect. Cale treated us very very kindly. I would definitely recommend coming to this place to shop for jewelry." — Diana K.

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  4. Gemstone and Fancy Diamond Engagement Rings

    Juleve 18 Karat White Gold 3 Stone Ring Featuring a GIA Certified 1.59 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Accented By .60 Carat Total Weight Colorless Diamonds

    Move aside traditional diamonds— gemstones and fancy colored diamonds are gaining popularity and are ready to share the stage!

    In this post we look into whether a gemstone or fancy colored diamond is right for your engagement ring as well as the history, psychology, and colors of these stunning gems.

    Is a gemstone engagement ring right for you?

    For the woman who loves color or loves specific gemstones for their history and folklore, a gemstone engagement ring might be the right choice. Often a more budget-friendly option, gemstones can represent birthstones, the month you met or got engaged, or simply tie in your favorite color into your engagement ring. One of the 'precious four' of all gemstones, emeralds are a popular choice for brides considering a gemstone engagement ring.

    Is a fancy colored diamond engagement ring right for you?

    If you want a diamond engagement ring but are also looking for details to up the personality of your ring, a fancy colored diamond might be right for you. Naturally appearing in nearly every color of the rainbow, fancy color diamonds offer rich, sophisticated colors to engagement rings, while still providing the sentiment, durability, and sparkle we love about diamonds.

    Psychology Behind Color Diamonds

    The impact of colors on psychology is an area of study that is closely linked to the impact of colors on human emotions. Colors are used effectively in everything from branding to controlling public behavior. The psychological power behind colors is fascinating. A colored gemstone has hidden meaning and also hidden influence on the psychology of the wearer and viewer alike.

    Naturally colored diamonds, also known as Fancy Diamonds, come in every color of the rainbow and they are exceptionally rare. Blue, pink, red, purple and canary yellow are some of the most sought after colors in Fancy Diamonds. Fancy Diamonds also can come in black-gray, brown and even milky white. Before you buy your Fancy Diamond, here are some interesting facts about the psychology of the color as well as the formation of the stones.

    Blue Diamonds

    The Hope Diamond is the most famous blue diamond on the planet. Pure, cool, magically rich and deep, the color blue is associated with purity and wealth. It is the color of intuition and peace. The presence of boron when the stone was forming, leads to stones that range from a light sky blue to a rich deep blue, the color of the ocean. Associated with water and the sky, blue is the color of sophistication and calm.

    Pink Diamonds

    Pink diamonds are breathtaking in their beauty and they have been known to bring astronomical prices at auction. It isn’t exactly known how pink diamonds are formed but it is thought that at some point during its formation the diamond was exposed to intense pressure causing an alteration in the crystalline structure of the stone. Psychologically, pink is associated with femininity as well as fertility. Pink is a calming color and it is associated with caring and relaxation.

    Red Diamonds

    Red diamonds are one of the rarest stones on the planet. These stones are so rare that not much is known about them or their formation. Like pink diamonds, it is thought that pressure during formation changes the crystalline structure resulting in the rich red color of the diamond. Red is the color of passion and love. Fiery, vital and volatile, red is also associated with happiness and health.

    Purple Diamonds

    Associated with royalty, purple diamonds command noble price tags. Purple is the color of fidelity, honor and courage and the wearer of a purple diamond is thought to have good luck and long life. Purple is also associated with the imagination.

    Green Diamonds

    Some of the most interesting diamonds, the color green is thought to result from the irradiation of the diamond while it was forming in the earth. The effect of the radiation causes the electrons in the crystalline structure to change slightly resulting in the color green. Psychologically, green is associated with growth and fertility, with balance,  renewal and rebirth.

    Yellow Diamonds

    Fancy yellow diamonds are created through the addition of nitrogen during the formation of the stone. Intensely yellow diamonds are the most common of the Fancy Diamonds but they are still extremely rare. Some of the best canary yellow diamonds come from mines here in this country, in Arkansas. Yellow is the color of happiness and wealth. Yellow reflects an intellectual individual. It is also associated with joy and power.


    Diamonds in Every Color of the Rainbow

    Colored diamonds come in every color you could imagine — yellow, blue, pink, champagne, chocolate, even black! Yellow diamonds are classic, pink and champagne are feminine, and more exotic colors like chocolate and black are sure to get noticed for their unique beauty and flair!

    A Perfect Pick in Any Color

    Fancy-colored diamonds may be the hottest trend in jewelry design right now, but these colorful beauties are much more than just a fad. Colored gemstones have long been classic choices for the discerning jewelry lover, from emeralds to rubies and sapphires.  Fancy-colored diamonds combine these gorgeous tones with the classic appeal and high value of a true diamond.

    Fancy-colored diamonds let the wearer express her unique fashion sense, as well as her love of the finer things. Classy and colorful— what could be a better combination?

    Natural vs. Treated Colored Diamonds

    Many colored diamonds occur naturally due to minerals that make up the diamond stone.  However, technological advances have made it possible to recreate the same gorgeous  colors at prices that are within reach for every jewelry lover. Either way, colored diamonds are completely unique and individual items.



    Shop Gold & Diamond Source engagement rings by style, price and more here.


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  5. The Perfect Pear Shape Engagement Ring

    Finding Your Perfect Pear Shape Engagement Ring

    14 Karat Gold Pear Diamond Solitaire Ring Featuring a 2.00 Carat Pear Cut Diamond

    Pear shaped diamonds have long been loved by brides-to-be looking for a unique, timeless design. With the most common choice for diamond engagement rings being round shaped diamonds, pear shaped diamond engagement rings truly stand out from the crowd.

    Pear shaped diamonds are less seen, but they do have a fan club of their own. Celebrities Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, Kaley Cuoco, Cardi B, and Sophie Turner are just a few celebrities who wear stunning pear shaped diamond engagement rings. The love for pear shaped diamonds isn't new, either: actor Richard Burton once paid $1.1 million for a 69-carat, pear-shaped diamond for his his iconic wife, Elizabeth Taylor.

    In this blog we're covering a few things to know before you shop for a pear shaped diamond:

    What is a pear shaped diamond?

    A pear shaped diamond is also called a teardrop diamond because of its rounded shape which narrows into a point at the top or bottom. It is a modified brilliant round cut on one end and the pointed tip on the other end. When worn as the main stone in an engagement ring, a pear shaped diamond's round side, or head, typically faces the knuckle, while the point faces the fingernail. This makes the dramatic teardrop effect when the finger is raised. But how to wear a pear shaped diamond is entirely personal: you might prefer to wear the round side away from the knuckle, or even horizontally with a dramatic east-to-west setting.

    Anatomy of a Pear Shaped Diamond

    Pear shaped diamonds have five different regions: the head, the shoulders, the belly, the wings, and the point. The head is round shaped, and the shape begins to narrow below the shoulders toward the belly, before coming closely together at the wings and finally meeting in the dramatic point.

    How do I choose a pear shaped diamond?

    There are several factors that affect the appearance and beauty of a pear-shaped diamond.

    Most diamond wearers prefer a length to width ratio between 1.55 and 1.75. The length and width of a poorly cut pear shaped diamond will appear out of balance.

    When shopping for a pear shaped diamond, look at it face up and check for gently rounded shoulders and wings. Wings that are too flat will make the diamond appear too narrow, while wings that are too rounded will make it look too short and off balance.

    The perfect pear shaped diamond should have identical sides. When both sides are identical, 29 facets will be visible on both sides.

    When looking for a pear shaped diamond, be aware of the “bow tie effect.” This term refers to the light gray to black pattern resembling a bow tie that typically runs across the width of the stone from the center of the table. A cut that minimizes the effect to the point that it’s hardly visible is a key to a beautiful pear shaped diamond.

    How do pear shaped diamonds compare to other diamond shapes?

    One of the most appealing aspects of pear shaped diamonds are that they are significantly less expensive than brilliant round shaped diamonds, thanks to the fact that pear shaped diamonds usually have very minimal amount of waste when being cut from a raw stone. As carat size increases, the price gap between round and pear shaped diamonds widens even more. When considering diamonds 3 carats and higher, choosing a pear shaped diamonds can equal enormous savings.


    "The Best Experience.  My fiance found the most perfect engagement ring thanks to the amazing assistance from Kathleen Law!  She also helped us pick out our wedding bands.  She made the experience incredible and was the best to work with.  Highly recommend G&DS and especially Kathleen to find your perfect piece of jewelry." — Lisa F. on Yelp


    Are you looking for the perfect pear shaped diamond engagement ring? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection online here.

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