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  1. 5 Steps to Find Her Perfect ENGAGEMENT RING

    When deciding to pop the question and planning a proposal, finding the perfect engagement ring is often the biggest challenge. You know you want to spend the rest of your life with her... but it's quite normal to not know her favorite engagement ring styles!

    You can propose without a ring or shop for an engagement ring together, but there is nothing like a surprise proposal with the engagement ring in hand! Here we share tips to learn about out her dream engagement ring styles without her knowing!

    GDS White and Yellow Halo Ring


    Her closet can reveal a lot about her personal style and preferences. Does she prefer bold, daring styles or is she more classic and conservative? Her engagement ring should coordinate with her personal style so this tip is big.

    romance bridal solitare


    A glimpse into her current jewelry collection can provide insight for what styles she prefers. Whether her jewelry reflects a vintage vibe or if she loves colored diamonds, knowing her current jewelry preferences can be a quick jump to finding her perfect ring! Don't forget to check for her ring size, too!

    Romance engagement ring setting with a twist


    If you are planning a surprise proposal, remember the less people you ask, the better! Ask her close family and friends if she has mentioned styles she prefers or even consider asking them to look at rings online or at a local jeweler with you.

    side view rose gold white gold setting


    If she suspects a proposalat all, she might already be dropping hints about what she wants. Listen closely for any mention on engagement rings-- especially her opinion on friends' rings who are recently engaged. Check her Pinterest board and keep your eyes open on Facebook. She might have already shared her perfecr ring!

    pear shaped diamond engagement ring


    If she has a go-to local jeweler, they might know her preferences better than anyone. They can share her favorite styles and maybe even point you to a specific ring she covets.

    Diamond wedding band with Marquis cut diamonds

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  2. Valentine's Date Ideas from GDS Tampa

    Valentine’s Day is a day all about spoiling the one you love. It’s your opportunity to pull out all the stops and show your love and affection. If you find yourself unsure about what to do, consider some of these last minute, totally wow-worthy V-Day adventures.

    at the gala

    Valentine's Day Weekend Getaway 

    Valentine’s Day is all about the romance and there are few things more romantic than a last minute getaway. No special plans for the big day? How about booking a couple of last minute tickets to an exciting destination - a romantic adventure for you and your honey to get away and spend some quality, one on one, rest and relaxation time together. And remember, it’s not so much about the destination, but the excitement of traveling with that special someone, leaving home for a quick trip to a new place. Make a reservation at a fancy hotel, order room service, spoil her (and yourself). If ever you needed an excuse for a weekend escape, Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason.

    amore love necklace

    Dinner and a Show for Cupid

    Remember those teenage days when you took your sweetie to dinner and a movie? It’s always been a perfect combo, so this Valentine’s Day, why not enjoy an elevated take on this classic date. You could make reservations at the best restaurant in town (or perhaps even prepare a romantic meal for two for you and that special someone to enjoy in your own home). But rather than a movie, see if there are any exciting events going on near you. Check some local venues for live music, perhaps an off-broadway show, or maybe even the ballet! It’s the perfect way to add a little cultural flare to your outing!

    Intense pink heart necklace

    Get Creative with GDS Tampa

    Sometime’s all it takes to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea is a little bit of creativity and imagination. Think about the things your loved one enjoys and tailor your day around those things. Couples all over will undoubtedly enjoy a romantic dinner together, but what can you do to make the dinner even more special? Perhaps renting a yacht to have dinner on the water. Maybe hiring a private chef to cook dinner in your own home is just what Cupid ordered. Maybe you have a piece of custom art commissioned for your loved one. Sometimes, it’s the small, thoughtful touches that make a date truly special. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go the extra mile.

    And when the sun is setting, the evening is winding down, and the perfect moment presents itself, pull out the gift that she's been waiting for. Give her the gift of a stunning piece of jewelry as the perfect cherry on top to a wonderful Valentine's Day. Visit GDS to find the perfect piece to take her breath away. That's how Valentine's Day is done right.

    Juleve sapphire heart ring

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  3. A Passion for Pendants: Juleve Pendant Necklaces

    Pendant necklaces are perhaps the most ancient form of jewelry known in the world. Juleve embraces the pendant necklace with designs that dazzle and captivate. Welcome to the world of amazing works of art.

    Juleve’s Oval Cut Palmeria Citrine weighs in at 33.83 carats! Surrounded by nearly a carat in total weight round brilliant diamonds and crafted in a rose gold setting this is the type of necklace that draws compliments and attention.

    Oval Citrine Pendant Necklace

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    The History of the Pendant Necklace

    The word pendant comes from the Latin word pendere which mean “to hang down.” Pendant necklaces have been worn for thousands of years across many different cultures. For example, the pendant necklace was worn by royalty in ancient Egypt. Pharaohs wore scarab beetles crafted from gold and they also wore pendants engraved with cartouches as symbols of both good luck and power. To this day pendant necklaces are steeped in symbolism and meaning. Pendant necklaces with the Christian Cross or the Star of David are two examples of Pendants being worn primarily for their symbolic value.

    Pendants are worn as amulets and as pieces of jewelry that protect the wearer from evil or harm. In Judaism, the character for “living” hay, has a history of being worn around the neck as an amulet since the thirteenth century. In Turkey and other parts of Middle East, the nazar pendant is commonly placed near the doorway of a home to protect the residence of the house from the Evil Eye.

    Stunning Tanzanite Pendant by Juleve is fit for a queen! Deep color on this 9.72 Tanzanite Pendant accented with sapphires and diamonds makes this one of kind pendant a piece of statement jewelry every woman would love to own.

    Tanzanite Pendant necklace with Sapphires and Daimonds in rose gold

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    Juleve Necklaces: A Passion for Pendants and Perfection

    Juleve pendants embrace the rich history of the pendant necklace. Juleve reserves only very special stones that are exceptional in size and quality for it’s pendant necklaces. For example, the Fire Opal in the Juleve necklace below is one of the most impressive Contera Fire Opals you will ever see. Weighing in at 32.24 carats the Contera is accented with 1.13 carat total weight round accent diamonds. Worn beautifully on a trendy long chain or on a standard pendant chain, this is a pendant that packs a punch!

    Fire Opal Necklance

    Shop here > Juleve Fire Opal & Diamond Slide Pendant

    Some Interesting Facts about Pendants

    The first watch was probably a Pendant. Peter Henlein (Sometimes written Henle), a 16th century clock maker from Nuremberg, Germany, is often cited as the inventor of the first watch. Henlein’s first “watches” were actually wearable miniature clocks which hung from the neck or clothing as pendants and they were outrageously expensive.  It was also during the 16th century that the pendant necklace started to be worn in Europe as purely decorative jewelry. At this time, cameos, pearls and jewels started to appear in pendant necklaces across Europe.

    Juleve’s Ruby and White Diamond Pendant Necklace captures the romance of Renaissance Europe with it’s 1.26 Emerald Cut Ruby surrounded by pink and white diamonds.

    ruby necklace with diamonds

    Shop here > Juleve 1.26ct Ruby Pink and White Diamond Pendant

    Art Nouveau School Pendant Necklaces

    The Art Nouveau School in the 19th century embraced the pendant necklace and added a new layer of whimsy by using motifs from nature such as butterflies and flowers.

    This Juleve Bi-color Amethyst and Diamond Necklace embraces the fun of the Art Nouveau School with a dragonfly hovering above a rare Checkerboard Bi Color Amethyst surrounded by 2.87 carats of micro pave set round diamonds. Simply spectacular!

    Amethyst and Diamond Necklace

    Shop here > Juleve Bi-Color Amethyst & Diamond Necklace

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  4. Choosing the Right Diamond Jewelry for your Christmas Gift

    The best gifts at Christmas are those that mean something; gifts that spell out a clear message about how much you really care. Of course, it’s nice to get the latest film on DVD or some expensive cosmetics; but these types of presents really lack a personal touch.

    Diamonds: Some Serious Christmas Sparkle
    If you’ve got someone special in your life, and you really want to treat them this Christmas, nothing symbolizes how much you love them quite like diamonds. They’re the perfect precious stone for Christmas, reflecting the glamour, sparkle and excitement of the festive season. There’s something about a diamond that seems to mimic perfectly the delicate beauty of a snowflake or icicle, and it’s guaranteed that your loved one will be thrilled with the gift. To view our collection of beautiful diamonds for sale click here.

    Top Diamond Jewelry for Christmas
    When it comes to options, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

    Rings. Traditionally, a ring is given as a sign of fidelity, life-long devotion and love. A ring like one of these makes a wonderful Christmas gift for your wife, but perhaps not such a great present for the girl you’ve been dating only a few short months!

    Earrings. If your partner loves to entertain and socialize, earrings may be the ideal gift. Whether you choose petite diamond studs or show-stopping drop earrings, diamonds are the perfect way to complete an outfit and add a real touch of class. Our collection of earrings.

    Bracelets. Bracelets exude expensive appeal, making them the ultimate gift for a diamond loving lady. A bracelet adorned with just diamonds creates an effortlessly beautiful effect; but if you’d like to make more impact, choose a bracelet that combines diamonds with other gemstones, such as this amazing diamond and sapphire bracelet.

    Necklaces. Necklaces are a really good choice for creative types, as there’s plenty of choice when it comes to unique designs. The classic key necklace is a particularly romantic choice, telling her clearly that she’s got the key to your heart.

    Festive Romance
    Of course, diamonds are a wonderfully romantic gift, and certainly something your partner will treasure a lifetime. Just make sure you pick the right moment to give them to her; when the candlelight is flickering, the wine is poured, and it’s just you and her together.


    Looking for inspiration for your Christmas gifts? Simply visit our jewelry store today.

  5. Winter Wedding: How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Your Special Day

    We love a winter wedding. Sure, summer has the blazing hot sunshine, but there’s something about the tranquility and cooler temperatures of winter that really comes into its own for weddings.

    Of course, in Florida, we don’t often get really chilly temperatures. However, there’s nothing to stop brides and grooms injecting a bit of frost-tinted, wintry glamour into their wedding day; and one of the finest ways to do it is by wearing diamond jewelry. Diamonds are, by their very nature, wintry-looking jewels. Ice-white, they sparkle in the sunlight, just like snowflakes… talk about romantic!

    Sparkling Diamond Jewelry for Your Winter Wedding
    If you’re having a winter wedding, here’s some tips to help you to get your bridal jewelry looking perfect for the big day.

    1. Choose the right earrings. Earrings are imperative, especially if you’re planning on wearing your hair up, leaving your ears exposed. If you’re having a glitzy, glamorous wedding, choose some statement drop earrings, preferably encrusted with as many diamonds as possible. If you’re going for a simpler theme, a pair of diamond studs is ideal.

    2. Keep necklaces subtle. Sometimes, a statement necklace can really make a bridal outfit. However, this only works if your dress is simple and unadorned, otherwise, it is a real case of ‘over-kill’! If your dress already features detailing, keep your diamond necklace simple.

    3. Pick the right ring. Of course, when choosing your wedding ring, you shouldn’t be thinking of the wedding day alone; as you’ll be wearing the ring for the rest of your life! However, it’s a nice touch if the ring reflects the mood of your big day. A diamond encrusted wedding band will glitter in the light and look really magical when you say ‘I do’.

    If in Doubt…Talk to the Experts
    If you’re not sure what diamond jewelry will work best with your bridal gown or winter wedding theme, it’s time to talk to the experts. Visit our location today, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s a great idea to try the jewelry on, to help you get a good idea of whether it’s suitable or not.

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