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  1. 5 Easy Tips to Plan Your Holiday Proposal Now


    With holiday lights all around, a slight chill in the air, and family near, we think December is a wonderful month for a surprise proposal! Right now is the perfect time to begin planning your holiday proposal at any one of Clearwater ‘s beautiful places to get engaged.

    Here are our top tips for planning your holiday proposal now:

    1.     Find her engagement ring style.

    Look at the jewelry she already wears. Does she wear minimal jewelry, or does she layer on her favorite pieces? Does she love the simplicity of a diamond, or is her jewelry box full of different colors?

    It’s also a great idea to ask trusted friends and family members. It is likely that she has mentioned different styles she prefers— and maybe even some she doesn’t!


    Shop this halo engagement ring here> Shop this halo engagement ring here>

    2.     Explore different engagement ring styles.

    While your engagement ring turnaround time might be quick, it’s always better to begin your search early in case you want a custom piece or decide to include existing jewelry in your design.

    While you might have an idea of what you like, seeing and feeling different designs might point you in a whole new direction!


    3.     Scope out the specifics.

    With at least an idea of your engagement ring in mind, now it’s time to scope out the specifics of your holiday proposal.

    The place— Clearwater has beautiful landmarks ready for a romantic holiday proposal! We recommend considering Pier 60, Sand Key Beach and Bon Appétit’s Waterside Table for Two Dinner for your perfect proposal.

    The time— Are there events over the holiday season where loved ones will be near? Even if you don’t want to propose in front of others, you might enjoy having them near to celebrate with after!

    We would love to help you plan your holiday proposal! Browse our engagement rings online here, or stop by and see us to see and feel our engagement rings in person!

  2. Engagement Ring Gemstones from GDS in Clearwater

    Engagement rings today can be so much more than a traditional solitaire diamond. Here are a few fun fabulous alternatives to think about when choosing an the main gemstone for your engagement ring.

    Is a Sapphire Engagement Ring for Me?

    Blue as the ocean and just as alluring, a sapphire engagement ring is something a little different without being entirely "New". Princess Diana chose a sapphire engagement ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Her son, Prince William gave this same ring to his bride Kate because it was a favorite of his mothers. Sapphires are hard enough to withstand daily wear and tear and they wear beautifully. Sapphires also come is a variety of shapes and they tend to have good clarity.

    sapphire blue diamond ring 18k

    Colored Diamonds? Pink & Yellow Fancy Diamonds for an Engagement Ring?

    Striking out in style is easy with a Fancy Diamond engagement ring. These gemstones are as hard as clear diamonds but they also  have beautiful vivid color like no other gemstones. Yellow and pink diamonds are pricey but they are also a good investment because these rare stones keep going up in price. If the budget really isn't a primary concern, absolutely look at these amazing gemstones for your engagement ring; they are fabulous and you will fall in love.

    heart shaped yellow diamond engagement ring

    Alternative Engagement Ring Gemstones: Morganite and More

    Morganite is an amazing sister stone to sapphire. Morganite includes tantalizing stones in pink and purple and it is a hard stone that can withstand the daily wear of an engagement ring. Morganite actually captures the term "blushing bride" like no other.  Additional interesting stones to consider include emeralds and rubies. All of these stones come in a variety of cuts and they tend to have good clarity and luster which is important for an engagement ring.

    Cushion Cut Morganite and Round Brilliant Diamonds in Rose Gold>

    emerald with diamonds ring

    Come into GDS in Clearwater, Florida and let us help you find exactly the right engagement ring stone to fit you. There are so many unique and beautiful choices! Express yourself!



  3. 5 Steps to Find Her Perfect ENGAGEMENT RING

    When deciding to pop the question and planning a proposal, finding the perfect engagement ring is often the biggest challenge. You know you want to spend the rest of your life with her... but it's quite normal to not know her favorite engagement ring styles!

    You can propose without a ring or shop for an engagement ring together, but there is nothing like a surprise proposal with the engagement ring in hand! Here we share tips to learn about out her dream engagement ring styles without her knowing!

    GDS White and Yellow Halo Ring


    Her closet can reveal a lot about her personal style and preferences. Does she prefer bold, daring styles or is she more classic and conservative? Her engagement ring should coordinate with her personal style so this tip is big.

    romance bridal solitare


    A glimpse into her current jewelry collection can provide insight for what styles she prefers. Whether her jewelry reflects a vintage vibe or if she loves colored diamonds, knowing her current jewelry preferences can be a quick jump to finding her perfect ring! Don't forget to check for her ring size, too!

    Romance engagement ring setting with a twist


    If you are planning a surprise proposal, remember the less people you ask, the better! Ask her close family and friends if she has mentioned styles she prefers or even consider asking them to look at rings online or at a local jeweler with you.

    side view rose gold white gold setting


    If she suspects a proposalat all, she might already be dropping hints about what she wants. Listen closely for any mention on engagement rings-- especially her opinion on friends' rings who are recently engaged. Check her Pinterest board and keep your eyes open on Facebook. She might have already shared her perfecr ring!

    pear shaped diamond engagement ring


    If she has a go-to local jeweler, they might know her preferences better than anyone. They can share her favorite styles and maybe even point you to a specific ring she covets.

    Diamond wedding band with Marquis cut diamonds

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  4. Engagement: Let GDS Clearwater Engage You!

    Gold and Diamond Source is a family owned and operated jewelry store and we care about our customers and about our Clearwater community. We try everyday to make the experience our customers have in our jewelry store unique, memorable and easy.

    Whether you are looking for an Engagement Ring or a Father’s Day present for the dad that has everything, we can help. But, don’t take our word for it, below are reviews by happy customers taking time out of their busy lives to tell you why Gold and Diamond Source in Clearwater is the only place to shop for an engagement ring or a gift for any special occasion.

    Engagement rings at Gold and Diamond Source

    Houman Farhangi writing to congratulate this year’s winner of the Gold and Diamond Source Mother’s Day SA Contest:

    ‪"What an amazing way to give back!! I can only imagine how happy they must be, because I was one of the winners from the Great 38 Mother's Day Contest! My mom has gone through soooooooo much also, and to have been able to give that to her was indescribable and really one of the most happiest days of my life because I didn't know what I was going to do for Mother's Day or how! Congratulations Karin and Rosita, I will keep you both and your family in my prayers! To whomever decides to do these contests, and the Weintraub's you don't know just how much this means! I can't say thank you enough personally, you really made it possible to make Mother's Day one I was and still am so sincerely thankful and grateful for and one that will ALWAYS for my entire life be memorable! Thank you, and congrats again!!"

    Steve Fidrych, engaged and loving life:

    “Hi Julie,

    I waited a long time to find the special person in my life. It felt like an even longer time to pick out the right ring! ;-) Your staff at G&DS was patient, knowledgeable, kind, understanding, and outright amazing. I went to several jewelers in the entire Bay Area (Tampa, St Pete, Brandon, Clearwater, Wesley Chapel), and none could match the customer service in your store. Erik and Ray were fantastic. They showed me just about every diamond that you had and explained all of the differences in each stone as if they were buying it for themselves or a family member of their own. Well, my girl said "yes" this weekend, and she loves her ring. We will be in on Saturday to get it sized. I'd like to take the chance to say "thank you" to you and Steve if you are around. Thanks again for playing a part in making my dreams come true.”

    Bruce Mills, newly married:

    From the moment we stepped into the Gold and Diamond Source Showroom, they have treated us like family! The staff is simply amazing! Thanks, Julie, Debbie and Sandra! The Gold and Diamond Source is now our jeweler of choice and we could not be happier with our rings! Thanks GDS for featuring us on your Facebook page and thanks, Maria Boutzoukas, for the beautiful photos!”

    Airman Cody H Wiley, one of America’s bravest:

    Mr & Mrs Weintraub,

    “I can’t articulate just how grateful I am; the wedding band and engagement rings for my Wife are perfect. Special thanks to you two as I couldn’t have afforded them without you. I wanted to get her something special and beautiful, but everything I saw here in Texas didn’t cut it and you have such a great selection and let’s just say that I don’t have a lot of “free time” being in the military. So again, a thousand thanks. In a way you’ve helped facilitate a “dream come true” and for that my fiancee and myself will forever be grateful.”

    Jennifer Harris, a very pleased fiancée:

    “Al proposed to me this weekend. I about fell over when I saw the ring you created. It is AMAZING! There is no other way to describe it. I am excited to let everyone know who you are and the incredible work you do. Thank you so very much! We will stop in soon.”

    Eric and Nikki Miller, one happy couple:

    “Alexis made our experience so memorable! She listened and created the most beautiful pieces, it brought tears to my eyes. Alexis was so attentive and caring. Gold and Diamond Source is the only place we will be buying jewelry from in future!-Thank you G&DS and the Amazing Alexis!”

    Bunny and Lamar Askew, together for 54 years and counting:

    “My husband had bought me a diamond many years ago when you had a store in Bradenton. Since our 54th Anniversary is coming up we decided to see if we could afford the ring guard to go with the diamond. We made the trip up last Saturday, was assisted by Faith Wilson. Her service and attention to detail with what we were looking for was exceptional. My ring needed to be notched to accommodate the ring guard and was to be soldered together. When I went to pick up, it was completed when they said it would be, workmanship was impeccable. Just wanted you to know. In this society of sloppy work and lousy customer service, this was a most pleasant experience.”

    THANK YOU AGAIN Gold and Diamond Source Customers for all your kind words!

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  5. Add a Personal Touch with Engraving

    In case you weren’t aware, Gold and Diamond Source offers many services besides the sale of world class jewelry. The team at Gold and Diamond Source strives to go above and beyond by meeting your every jewelry need, from resizing to refurbishing, repair to restoration - and more. Services offered with the guarantee that only the finest materials will be used and that only well trained Master Jewelers will handle your precious pieces.

    Gold and Diamond Source is proud to offer fine hand engraving. This exceptional service is offered free of charge when you purchase a ring from Gold and Diamond Source. Each engraving is executed by a master craftsman, expertly trained in the art of hand engraving. Hand engraving is a skill that few jewelers learn to master, but when performed professionally, can yield spectacular results. Engraving can add a personal touch to an already special possession.

    Photo Courtesy of Photo Courtesy of

    A Special Date

    Photo Courtesy of Photo Courtesy of

    If you’re purchasing a ring for yourself or a loved one to commemorate a special occasion, you might consider getting the date engraved on the inside to act as a reminder of that special day. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or other milestones such as graduations are some common occasions that sit close to our hearts and perhaps earn a spot on your ring.


    Photo Courtesy of Photo Courtesy of

    Initials are a wonderful sentiment to have engraved on the inside of a ring. Initials of a family member, spouse, child, or even a good friend engraved on your ring can be a wonderful way to honor that person, or perhaps pay tribute to someone in your life you have lost. Make it even more special and have your initials engraved alongside theirs to symbolize an everlasting bond with that special person.

    A Sweet Message


    Having a ring engraved is a wonderful opportunity to write a special message in stone - or precious metal rather. Perhaps you have a special nickname for your loved one you’d like that forever written in time, or a special saying you share together. Even a simple ‘I Love You’ can be a beautiful reminder to share with someone.

    *Here are some other sayings we're fond of:

    -'Let's Grow Old Together'

    -'Forever + Always'

    -'All My Love'

    -'Eternally Yours'

    -"My Love, My Life"

    -"Cross My Heart"

    Whatever you choose to engrave on your ring, rest assured Gold and Diamond Source and their team of master craftsman trained in the art of hand engraving will beautifully personalize your jewelry. Engraving is your opportunity to turn your world class jewelry into a one-of-a-kind treasure, with the perfect personal touch.

    Visit the Gold and Diamond Source website HERE for more information.

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