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Wedding Jewelry

  1. Designer Spotlight: Benchmark Designer Rings

    Benchmark Rings
    Just like your love, your proposal, your wedding and your marriage...your wedding rings should be unique to you. In appreciation of all that makes your love so unique, Gold & Diamond Source is proud to feature top collections that satisfy every personal style and desire.
    Rose Gold Hammered Finish Wedding Band> Rose Gold Hammered Finish Wedding Band>
    Designer Spotlight: Benchmark Designer Rings
    One exciting brand available in the Gold & Diamond Source showroom and on our website is Benchmark. Founded in 1970, Benchmark is  dedicated to designing and creating the best wedding rings in the world.
    Two Tone Gold Inlay Wedding Band> Two Tone Gold Inlay Wedding Band>
    They operate from the belief that quality comes from craft and craft comes from precision. Every corner of any brilliant Benchmark-created piece has been meticulously planned. These origins of excellence are derived from the drawing board; where everything starts and where creativity unites with functionality to manifest the very finest of wedding rings.
    Cobalt and Camo Inlay Wedding Band> Cobalt and Camo Inlay Wedding Band>
    Using a variety of popular metals and stones, Benchmark offers inspired designs that reflect the personal taste of the wearer.
    Browse Benchmark rings online here>


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  2. Finding the Perfect Diamond Earrings for Your Wedding Day

    Your wedding day is fast approaching, you’ve got the dress, the shoes, the flowers; but what about your jewelry? It’s important to bear in mind that bridal jewelry doesn’t just start and end with the wedding ring. You also need to consider other details, such as a necklace and, of course, earrings.

    Earrings are so important to get right, especially if you’re having an up-do, leaving your ears on display. Of course, diamonds make a natural choice for your wedding, and not many other stones can compete when it comes to sparkle and sheer opulence.

    Choosing the Right Diamond Earrings for Your Wedding: Things to Consider

    • ‘Will they work with my bridal gown?’ Before investing in a pair of diamond earrings, think about your wedding dress. If your dress features a lot of detailing, you may want to keep your earrings simple. Alternatively, if your gown is less detailed, a pair of striking earrings are the perfect way to add interest to your look.
    • ‘Do they reflect the theme of my wedding?’ If you’re having a themed wedding, think about how your earrings will work within it. If you’re having a sophisticated wedding event, we love these chic gold and diamond earrings.
    • ‘Will the earrings complement my hair style?’ If you’re having a simple up-do, choose a pair of earrings that hang slightly below the earlobe, to create natural balance. Alternatively, if you are leaving your hair down, a glimpse of a diamond stud looks wonderful.
    • ‘Will I want to wear them again after the big day?’ Of course, buying diamonds is an investment, and it’s likely that you’ll want to wear them again after the wedding is over. If so, think about how your wedding earrings will work with your existing wardrobe, and choose accordingly.

    Expert Guidance at the Gold and Diamond Source in Tampa

    If you’re not sure which style you want for your special day, simply visit your local diamond jewelry experts. They’ll be able to provide you with all the helpful advice and tips that you require in order to make the right decision.

  3. Winter Wedding: How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Your Special Day

    We love a winter wedding. Sure, summer has the blazing hot sunshine, but there’s something about the tranquility and cooler temperatures of winter that really comes into its own for weddings.

    Of course, in Florida, we don’t often get really chilly temperatures. However, there’s nothing to stop brides and grooms injecting a bit of frost-tinted, wintry glamour into their wedding day; and one of the finest ways to do it is by wearing diamond jewelry. Diamonds are, by their very nature, wintry-looking jewels. Ice-white, they sparkle in the sunlight, just like snowflakes… talk about romantic!

    Sparkling Diamond Jewelry for Your Winter Wedding
    If you’re having a winter wedding, here’s some tips to help you to get your bridal jewelry looking perfect for the big day.

    1. Choose the right earrings. Earrings are imperative, especially if you’re planning on wearing your hair up, leaving your ears exposed. If you’re having a glitzy, glamorous wedding, choose some statement drop earrings, preferably encrusted with as many diamonds as possible. If you’re going for a simpler theme, a pair of diamond studs is ideal.

    2. Keep necklaces subtle. Sometimes, a statement necklace can really make a bridal outfit. However, this only works if your dress is simple and unadorned, otherwise, it is a real case of ‘over-kill’! If your dress already features detailing, keep your diamond necklace simple.

    3. Pick the right ring. Of course, when choosing your wedding ring, you shouldn’t be thinking of the wedding day alone; as you’ll be wearing the ring for the rest of your life! However, it’s a nice touch if the ring reflects the mood of your big day. A diamond encrusted wedding band will glitter in the light and look really magical when you say ‘I do’.

    If in Doubt…Talk to the Experts
    If you’re not sure what diamond jewelry will work best with your bridal gown or winter wedding theme, it’s time to talk to the experts. Visit our location today, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s a great idea to try the jewelry on, to help you get a good idea of whether it’s suitable or not.

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