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  1. How Many Natural Colors Of Diamonds Are There?

    While most people think of white diamonds as the default and some people are familiar with the other colors of natural diamonds, few people realize how many options exist for choosing their diamonds.  How many natural colors of diamonds are there? Gemologists divide diamonds into an impressive 27 colors!

    The Different Natural Diamond Colors

    Below are some of the colors that naturally occur in diamonds. The range of colors means there's an appropriate diamond, regardless of personal aesthetic or occasion.

    White Diamonds

    White diamonds are the most common and used for engagement rings and gifts for special occasions due to their glamorous sparkle. Some people opt for a different main stone for their engagement rings but often incorporate smaller diamond accents. 

    Black Diamonds

    Compared to the translucent appearance of white diamonds, black diamonds block most light from traveling through the gem because of their high density. They are still faceted and are becoming more popular for engagement rings. Black and white diamonds are also quite complimentary.

    Gray Diamonds

    These diamonds often have a darker center less dense than black diamonds with slightly darker facets than white diamonds. Salt-and-pepper diamonds look silky and speckled gray, thanks to multiple white and black inclusions in the stone.

    Yellow Diamonds

    Yellow diamonds occur the most frequently in nature next to white diamonds. These diamonds take their appearance, which can be pale or vibrant, from nitrogen in the carbon that absorbs blue light but transmits yellow. 

    Pink Diamonds

    Pink diamonds are well-known, perhaps because of how rare this color naturally occurs. For diamonds to appear pink, they must experience stress that displaces the carbon atoms within the crystal. This transmits only red light. However, the weak light transmission created a pink appearance.

    Red Diamonds

    Even more rare than pink diamonds are red diamonds. The same process that creates a pink diamond must occur. However, light transmission is only rarely strong enough to create a truly red diamond.

    Orange Diamonds

    The reason why some diamonds appear orange is unknown. Still, diamonds come in shades of true orange and those that skew red or yellow.

    Blue Diamonds

    A diamond appears blue when some of its carbon atoms have been replaced by boron atoms that block red light. Even a low concentration of boron atoms can produce a noticeably blue diamond.

    Green Diamonds

    Rarer green diamonds similarly absorb red light, but it's through the presence of radioactive mineral grains that knock carbon atoms out of place or the presence of nitrogen, hydrogen, or nickel atoms within the crystal.

    Violet Diamonds

    Violet diamonds are considered separate from purple diamonds because of their distinct smoky, lavender color that occurs when hydrogen atoms replace carbon atoms in the gem.

    Purple Diamonds

    Diamonds that have a more vibrant purple color are categorized separately from violet diamonds. Rare purple diamonds occur when the center contains enough purple to impact the diamond's overall appearance.

    Brown Diamonds

    Brown diamonds, including the trademarked "Chocolate" diamonds, occur more commonly in nature than any other diamond color! This is because plastic deformations cause concentrations of brown along glide planes in the crystal, giving diamonds their rich appearance.

    The beauty of diamonds is that each one is truly unique thanks to the interplay between atoms and pressure, resulting in the complete 27 natural diamond colors. 

    Need help finding the right diamond? Contact us for suggestions.

  2. What is a Semi Mount Diamond Ring?

    Semi mount diamond rings are the perfect way to show off your engagement ring. This style of diamond ring is different from other popular ring styles. Semi mounts have a bezel that holds the stone in place, but they do not have the metal band all around it to protect your precious gemstone. What this means is that you can wear your engagement ring as an everyday piece of jewelry. It will still look great without losing its charm and appeal.

    Semi mount diamond rings are available in various shapes, sizes and styles. You can purchase them as part of a setting that includes an engagement ring or separately to match your personal style.

    Semi Mount Diamond Ring Styles

    There are different styles of semi mount diamond engagement rings to fit your own personal taste:

    Solitaire Semi Mount 

    The stone is held by a metal band that goes all around the ring to protect it. This style has become more popular recently with couples opting for an old-fashioned, traditional look.

    Semi Mount Bridal Sets

    These rings are made up of two bands, one that goes around the diamond and another that wraps around it. The second band is a wedding ring or an engagement ring to match your partner's style - this is often called a "band within the band."

    Double Halo Semi Mount

    This mount has several thin metal circles with diamonds set in them. It is an alluring design that offers a romantic, vintage look.

    Accented Rings

    Not all rings have a stone sitting right in the center of them. This style is for people who want to add some extra sparkle by adding other smaller gemstones or diamonds around their larger center diamond.

    How Much Do Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Rings Cost?

    Semi mount rings are available for purchase at most jewelry stores. The cost of semi mounts can vary, depending on the style and size of the diamond you choose. In general, a simple band with a small diamond will be $500 or less, while more elaborate styles such as halo engagement ring sets can go up into the thousands. But no matter the cost, the stylish and classic design of a semi mount engagement ring is perfect for anyone who wants to get their significant other something they will cherish forever.

    Problems with Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Rings

    Semi mount rings are not as well-known among couples, so they may be harder to find. You might need to try on a few styles before you find one your significant other loves. The semi mount ring is often for the more fashion conscious bride who wants to add some extra sparkle by adding other smaller gemstones or diamonds around it, which does raise the cost.

    If you have questions about semi mount diamond engagement rings or are looking to purchase a ring, visit us at our website or contact us for help.


  3. Can A Gold Chain Stretch?

    Who doesn't love the beauty of a gold chain? They are available in a variety of styles and everyone seems to have their favorite. Gold jewelry makes awesome gifts for loved ones, both male and female. It can be loved enough to pass down to your kids, grandkids, and maybe even your great-grandkids. However, before you pass it down you need to consider how it may stand the test of time.  One of the big questions is whether a gold chain may stretch or not.

    A Look at the Gold You Love

    Gold is a soft metal in its pure form. When looking at jewelry or other gold items, you will see the metal as it is when combined with alloyed metals including platinum, copper, silver, and palladium. This gives the jewelry additional strength so that you can enjoy wearing it. It is also the reason we have karats of gold.

    When you walk into a store and see an 18-karat gold necklace, it means that there are 18 parts pure gold. If it is a 24-karat gold necklace, you have 24 parts pure gold in it. The higher your "karat" value is, the softer the jewelry will be.

    With that being said, don't let this persuade you to choose a lower karat if you really have your eye on a 24-karat gold necklace. There are many other factors that go into whether it may stretch or not!

    Choose the Right Gold Chain

    Some gold necklaces are stronger because of how they are created. Some of the strongest include:

    • Box Chains
    • Rope Chains
    • Cable Chains
    • Figaro Chains
    • Anchor Chains
    • ETC

    What you want to look for is the thickness and weight of the necklace. Soldered links are also important if you want to avoid the risk of stretching.

    How To Take Care Of Your Gold Chain

    A herringbone, although beautiful, is flat and relatively thin. It may kink or stretch if you don't care for it properly. Some care tips for gold jewelry include: 

    • Clean It Often: Using a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft bristled brush is the best way to clean your chain. Rinse it and dry it using a lint-free cloth.
    • Remove the Risk: When doing something that may snag your necklace, you may want to take it off. There have been many cases of a baby grabbed the chain and now it's all messed up. The same can happen at the gym, working, etc.
    • Avoid Chemicals: If you are heading out for a day of fun in the sun complete with bug spray or sunblock, your necklace doesn't need it.
    • Store It Carefully: Store herringbone necklaces and other more delicate gold pieces flat. You may also want to store it in airtight containers if you will only wear it occasionally.
    • Let Someone Help: A jewelry sometimes needs a little TLC from a professional. The jeweler knows what to look for to keep your beloved necklace in fantastic shape.

    Unfortunately, accidents happen. Time can weaken your gold chain. Both may allow it to stretch, twist, and otherwise mess up. If you find that your favorite piece of jewelry is damaged, contact us, and we will do our part to help!

  4. Are Colored Diamonds Man Made?

    Most colored or fancy diamonds are created naturally when chemical impurities in the surrounding soil or rocks are incorporated within the diamond as it forms. Since fancy diamonds are found in places as diverse as Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Africa, the unique soil and rock makeup in these places may account for most of these colorful diamonds.

    A Diamond's Chemical Composition Can Affect Its Color

    As little as .10% nitrogen can create a canary yellow diamond. Orange diamonds also get their color from nitrogen, but in this case, the atoms must be aligned in a very specific way in order to create this stunning color. So far, these incredibly rare diamonds have only been found in Australia and Africa.

    Boron impurities yield stunning blue diamonds. A grayish-blue or grayish-violet diamond also includes hydrogen, while a greenish-blue color indicates radiation exposure. In fact, radiation is responsible for creating extremely rare green diamonds. That's why gemologists always question the origins of these rare diamonds. It's a little too easy to apply radiation to a colorless diamond in order to create the much sought-after green hue.

    Naturally red and pink diamonds are among the rarest and most highly prized of all fancy diamonds. It's not yet clear how they get their stunning color, but some gemologists suspect a defect in the stone's atomic structure is responsible. Whatever the cause, it must be fairly uncommon. Only a handful of vibrant red diamonds have ever been found. Fortunately, pink diamonds are somewhat more common.

    Treat Yourself to a Colorful Diamond

    If you're looking for a fancy diamond to add to your jewelry collection, check out our spectacular selection. At Gold & Diamond Source, we carry a nice selection of jewelry featuring stunning yellow diamonds. Our selection includes everything from engagement rings to tennis bracelets. Contact us for all of your jewelry needs.

  5. What Is The Rarest Color Diamond?

    Most people think of sparkling colorless stones when they picture diamonds. However, diamonds are actually available in a dazzling array of colors. Colored diamonds range from pale yellow throughout the rainbow. Black, gray, and opalescent white diamonds are also considered colored diamonds. Exquisitely colored diamonds are also known as 'fancy' diamonds. These fancy diamonds are highly prized, especially when they have a saturated color. 

    Colorful Diamonds

    Even colorless diamonds will often show a hint of yellow, so it's not surprising that yellow or brown are the most common colors found among fancy diamonds. Fancy yellow diamonds may be abundant compared to other colored diamonds, but they still comprise a small fraction of the overall number of diamonds produced.

    The next most common fancy diamonds show a color that looks pale or muted because it lacks saturation. The rarest of all fancy diamonds are those that have a medium to dark tone in a desirable color.

    The Rarest Diamond Color

    A fancy diamond's desirability generally increases with the purity and strength of its color. The exception is darker yellow or brown diamonds which aren't valued as highly as other diamonds with saturated colors.

    The most desirable colors that are generally available are blue, green, and light pink. Rich, deep red, pink, purple, and orange diamonds are extremely rare. The rarest and most highly valued fancy diamonds have fully saturated colors. Saturation is so important that even slight differences in the depth of color can have a huge impact on desirability and price.

    Are You Looking for a Fancy Diamond?

    At Gold & Diamond Source, we have an exceptional selection of quality fancy yellow diamonds. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring, earrings,  tennis bracelet, or more, you are sure to find it among our spectacular inventory. Contact us when you need that perfect piece of jewelry, 

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