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  1. Diamonds are Everyone's Best Friend

    Diamonds have wowed the world for years now. There is just something about that stone that people can’t get enough of. It is a stone that has captivated both women and men, no matter what shape or size it’s found in. Or color for that matter.

    Varieties in Diamonds

    The pink diamond is a favorite, imaginably with the girls, due to its rarity and being a very valuable stone. The amazing thing is that 95 percent of the world’s supply of pink diamonds comes from the Argyle mine. With its intense color, originality and scarcity, it is attractive for those who like to spend more money on something a bit more rare and delicate.

    Champagne diamonds are naturally colored that way and produced in a broad range of champagne colored tons. They are not as popular as pink diamonds among diamond collectors but they definitely hold their own. Pink champagne diamonds get a bit more attention, maybe for the simple fact of their pinkish color.

    Limited amounts of yellow diamonds exist and get their pick of collectors. But most people will go for a blue or green diamond, fancying the aquatic colored diamonds over the more prominent bright color.

    In the end, white diamonds still garner the most praise and attention due to the purity and finesse a white diamond brings to a piece of jewelry. You can’t go wrong if you are choosing a diamond for a woman you love or if you as a woman fancy one for yourself.

    But if you are going for rarity and finesse, a white diamond with the flashes of pink will be the best bet for you. Its uniqueness and beauty is often praised, and those who want to impress almost always go for the beautiful pink white diamond.

    Diamonds do not want for variety.

  2. Diamonds are Symbolic Forever

    Have you ever wondered why they say a diamond is forever? More specifically, who came up with that saying? You have the company of De Beers to thank for that.

    After diamonds started to flow out of the African mines at a fast rate, De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd decided to create a merger with South African mines to have a tighter control on the market.

    The company greatly flourished and the price of diamonds went up, due to the illusion of scarcity. But as time rolled on, diamonds started to lose their attraction as engagement rings. Once more, De Beers had to come up with a new marketing tool to get people interested again.

    How did they do it?

    Coining the Phrase

    With diamonds not selling like they wanted them to, the executives in the company decided they needed to do something. They needed a marketing strategy to get their name and diamonds out. They went to the N.W. Ayer ad agency and got them hooked on helping them convince people they wanted diamonds.

    Needless to say it worked. The Ayer copywriter Frances Gerety penned what is now the most famous slogan you can think of. A diamond is forever; clean, elegant, but best of all effective. Years later, that phrase is still heard all over the world and recognized as a true symbol of strong unbreakable love.

    With the marketing phrase hitting the mark in advertising, De Beers’ sales shot up over 50 percent right away, bringing the company right back up to the top, and making diamonds a girl’s best friend, all over again.

    To this day, people continue to go to the diamond engagement ring as the number one engagement ring out there. There’s just something about its clear beauty that draws men and women alike to it. So far, diamonds are forever.


  3. Finding a Quality Jewelry Store

    You will need a good jewelry store at some point in your life. Whether you need to buy an engagement ring, have Grandma’s necklace appraised, or get a stone in your bracelet reset, you will need a trustworthy and high quality jewelry store.

    But how do you know which ones to trust? Here are some easy tips for finding a trustworthy, quality and affordable jewelry store.

    Ask Around

    There is nothing better than a direct referral. Ask your friends, family and colleagues if they have any recommendations for a good jewelry store.

    Check Online

    Almost every business has an online presence these days. Check websites like, Angie’s List, or any other local review site for reviews on local jewelry stores. Find a store that has positive reviews and a strong online presence. And, honestly, if you can’t find much out about a store on the Internet, you should avoid that store. If they can’t work a computer, how can you expect them to work with diamonds?

    Check for Certifications

    A quality jewelry store will have employees with varying degrees and certifications in the fields of gemology, jewelry making and others. If they have a bench jeweler on site for repairs, or an on-site appraiser to check the gem quality, you know that it’s a good and trustworthy jewelry store.

    Find Union Affiliations

    The American Gem Society and the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee are two great jewelry organizations that only accept top-notch stores into their folds. If a jewelry store is affiliated with either one, you know it is one you can trust in terms of ethics, pricing and workmanship.

    Finding a good jewelry store is a must. If you use the above tips, you will surely find an affordable, trustworthy, honest and high quality jewelry store in your area.

    Image credit: Mark Ahsmann

  4. Four Ways to Clean Your Gold Jewelry

    Gold has been the jewelry material of choice for thousands of years. It’s beautiful, durable, easily crafted and incredibly cherished. But, gold jewelry has one downfall: It gets dirty very easily.

    Dust, dirt and grime gum up the surface of your gold jewelry, making it seem dull and old. But there is good news! You can easily clean your gold jewelry at home.

    Use one of the following four ways to clean your gold jewelry for the best results:

    Dish Soap

    Mix a few drops of regular dish soap with warm water. Be sure the water is not hot, because the heat could damage your gold. Soak your jewelry in the mixture for 15 minutes, then gently scrub it off with a clean toothbrush. Rinse, then use a soft cloth to dry your jewelry.


    Ammonia is a strong chemical and should therefore only be used once a year or so to deep clean your gold jewelry. Create a mixture of six parts warm water, one part ammonia. Soak your gold in the mix for only one minute, no longer, then thoroughly rise it off with warm water and pat it dry

    Wet Cloth

    Some types of gold jewelry, like those with glued on gemstones, should not be submerged in water. To clean those types of pieces, you should dampen a soft cloth with warm water and little bit of soap. Wipe off the gold with the cloth. Then, taking a second, clean cloth, wipe the gold dry.


    Toothpaste is great for removing damaging dirt from your gold. Mix about one inch of toothpaste with water then scrub the gold with a clean toothbrush soaked in the mixture.

    Use any of the above four methods to clean your gold jewelry at home.

  5. Candy Crush: Fancy, Colored Diamonds are All the Rage

    While crystal-clear, white diamonds have long been the standard, lately, fancy, candy-colored diamonds in every hue of the rainbow have been popping up everywhere you look! From celebrities on the red carpet, to every bride-to-be's Pinterest page, colored diamonds are the hottest jewelry trend right now.

    Diamonds in Every Color of the Rainbow

    Colored diamonds come in every color you could imagine — blue, pink, champagne, chocolate, even black! Blue is especially trendy right now, but is also a classic and calming shade. Pink and champagne are feminine and subtle options, while exotic colors like chocolate and black are sure to get noticed for their unique beauty and flair!

    Natural vs. Treated Colored Diamonds

    Many colored diamonds occur naturally due to minerals that make up the diamond stone.  However, technological advances have made it possible to recreate the same gorgeous  colors at prices that are within reach for every jewelry lover. Either way, colored diamonds are completely unique and individual items. Whether you prefer a natural beauty or a cutting-edge work-of-art, your jewelry store will have options for every budget.

    A Perfect Pick in Any Color

    Fancy-colored diamonds may be the hottest trend in jewelry design right now, but these colorful beauties are much more than just a fad. Colored gemstones have long been classic choices for the discerning jewelry lover, from emeralds to rubies and sapphires.  Fancy-colored diamonds combine these gorgeous tones with the classic appeal and high value of a true diamond.

    In Conclusion

    Fancy-colored diamonds let the wearer express her unique fashion sense, as well as her love of the finer things. Classy and colorful, what could be a better combination? So, stop by your trusted jewelry store and pick out your own candy-colored diamond!

    Image credit: Nasdero


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