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  1. How to Determine the Proper Ring Size without Them Knowing

    When it comes to popping THE question, a lot of people bask in the romantic element of surprise. Unfortunately, if you don’t know your partner’s ring size, it can be quite difficult to find out without ruining the surprise. The following are a few suggestions for finding the answer without rousing much suspicion.

    Employ Some Sneaking

    One of the easiest and most accurate ways to find the answer out is to measure any rings the other person already wears on their ring finger. Some people enjoy jewelry and have several rings that they wear daily or when dressing up. For those who are lucky enough to have a partner who regularly wears rings, obtaining this information can be as simple as being a little sneaky. Pay special attention to which ring fits their ring finger, and where they store it when not wearing it. The next time they leave the house without it, simply take the ring to a jeweler and have it sized. The ring can often be replaced without the other person ever finding out and your special surprise can go off without a hitch.

    Get Help From Friends

    If your significant other doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, finding out the ring size might require some outside help. Depending on how much they socialize much with others, it may be possible that their best friend either knows their ring size, or can help you find out. If they don’t already know it, they can bring it up casually in conversation and report back what they find. While not as assuredly reliable as sizing an owned ring, it can still help partners pull of a romantic surprise proposal.

    When All Else Fails

    If they do not wear a lot of jewelry and have no friends who can assist, a third option for finding a ring size relies on having a heavy sleeping partner and a delicate sense of touch. Using a small piece of paper or string - about 3 to 4 inches in length - a pen, and a ruler, it is possible to find out ring size using a simple measurement. While they are asleep, carefully slip the paper or string around their finger and make marks for measurements. Using just about any ring sizing chart at a jewelers shop or site, it is possible to find the exact ring size.

  2. Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Heart-Shaped Diamond Jewelry to Impress Your Partner

    The year’s most romantic day is nearly here, and across the country, men are panicking, wondering what to buy that special lady in their lives. If this sounds like you - don’t worry! You’ve still got time to find her the perfect gift, and thankfully, we’ve got plenty of Valentine’s themed jewelry in stock that will make your heart race.

    Here’s just some of our amazing, love-inspired jewelry to help you get started...

    Valentine’s Day Jewelry Inspiration

    We love Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect chance to remind your partner just how much you love, respect, and admire them. It’s also the ideal opportunity to treat them to something really special.

    Diamond Heart Earrings. These diamond heart-shaped earrings make an amazing Valentine’s gift. Earrings are always a good choice for a romantic gift, as they represent the two of you as a couple. Combined with the beautiful heart shape and sparkling diamonds, they’re perfect for romancing.

    Heart-Shaped Locket. Lockets are extremely traditional gifts, and this gold heart-shaped locket is a wonderful way of celebrating your love. It features room for two photos inside, so that you and your partner can always be side by side.

    Diamond Heart Necklace. We love this diamond heart necklace; its bold and contemporary design features both white and yellow gold, and is completely lined with diamonds. The beauty of this necklace can only echo the harmony between you and your partner.

    Sapphire and Diamond Heart Ring. If you really want to spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day, this spectacular heart-shaped sapphire and diamond ring is the best way to do it! The deep blue of the sapphire, combined with the clear white elegance of the diamonds and gold, make this a real statement piece of romantic jewelry.

    Onyx and Silver Pendant. This striking pendant, adorned genuine onyx and elegant silver detailing, is not only romantic, but complements any outfit – night or day.

    Valentine’s Day…Time to Get Shopping!
 If you haven’t already made your purchase, what are you waiting for? With only a few days left, you need to make sure you’ve found her the perfect present! If you need assistance selecting a great gift for your loved one this February 14th, simply visit the Gold and Diamond Source today. Our team is always on hand to help.

  3. The Symbolic Meanings Behind Diamonds and Gold

    Jewelry is a timeless gift that can hold a variety of different meanings; especially when considering the precious materials used, type of jewelry, and relationship between gift giver and giftee. The following is a brief explanation of the meanings behind diamonds and gold, and why they are used in traditional wedding rings.

    Gold: Timeless and Untarnished

    Pure 24-karat gold is often highly desired, mainly because it will never tarnish and is easily cleaned. Think of the galleons full of gold bullion that are buried at sea, yet still glimmer to this day. This high quality makes gold an extremely desirable and pleasing commodity. In terms of its use in jewelry, it parallels the eternally untarnished nature of pure love and devotion; it also represents prestige and desire. One of the reasons engagement rings are so often made from gold and diamonds, is that the commitment offered by it is as lasting, desired, and untarnished as the love given by the one who proposed. Variations such as white gold, or combinations of white and yellow gold carry the same significance and embody the same concepts of preciousness.

    Diamonds: Precious and Coveted

    Formed from coal that has been exposed to intense pressure deep within the earth, diamonds are a stone that have been coveted for generations. Despite the misconception that they are the rarest of minerals, they are, in fact, one the most abundant of precious gems within the earth’s crust. The pursuit of the perfectly faceted specimen is what contributes so highly to their value. Aside from their amazing range of color and brilliance, the unmatched hardness and transcendent nature make them a perfect symbol of not only wealth, love, and unity. In terms of their popularity for wedding rings, when paired with gold in a classical setting, they represent the notion that love can form from the most unlikely of circumstances, and that it can become something that endures and transforms. It is possible to also find diamonds that have unique colors that match the preference of the recipient.

    Accent Gemstones

    For those who prefer less than traditional materials for their wedding and engagement rings, it is ultimately the intention in which they are given that determines their meaningfulness. In place of completely nontraditional rings, couples often choose colorful accents. Birthstones or other gems that bear personal significance can easily be found accenting engagement rings and wedding bands.

  4. Going Vintage: The Buyer’s Guide To Used Jewelry

    A vintage piece of jewelry can quickly become one of your favorite accessories. Antique jewelry is often unique, charming, and refreshingly beautiful, but these statement pieces can be quite difficult to buy. Because vintage jewelry is usually one-of-a-kind, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting if you aren’t educated. Here are some tips to follow when shopping for vintage jewelry.


    When it comes to used jewelry, many people out there might try to scam you or rip you off. If you’re shopping in person, be sure to closely inspect the piece. When looking at it, check for missing parts, worn plates, and any scratches or chips. These are all things that would affect the retail value, and should be accounted for in the price. Don’t take your jewelers word for it when he or she says it’s in perfect condition, ask to handle it yourself and inspect it completely. Also practice caution when shopping online, be weary of pictures that look like stock photos and make sure the lines of communication are completely open between you and the vendor. You can trust every piece we sell on Gold & Diamond is authenticated, real, and sold in-store.


    Names matter! If the jeweler claims to be selling a vintage Chanel ring, check for the signature logo. This is one of the most common ways for scammers to pull a fast one on their client. Make sure the jewelry looks authentic if you go designer, and also look out for the manufacturing location. A Versace ring that was “Made in China” is likely a fake.


    Vintage jewelry comes in a variety of different forms. Have fun when shopping this type of accessory and explore new styles you wouldn’t normally try. You never know what you might find when it comes to vintage. Maybe your wardrobe’s been missing that star studded brooch or your purse is just screaming for some art deco hat pins – vintage jewelry is a fun way to spruce up your style.

    Take Care of Your Jewelry

    You finally found your new favorite old piece, so now you just need to worry about preserving it. Jewelry that is well maintained can last a lifetime, and the same applies for vintage jewelry. Avoid wearing these pieces in any conditions when you might be especially sweaty or active as both sports and sweat can be huge threats to jewelry. When you’re not wearing it, avoid leaving it out in the open. Store it in a Ziploc bag or in a soft pouch. This will prevent your piece from coming into contact with a number of outside forces like dust.

  5. How we Create the Perfect Environment for Your Jewelry Purchasing Experience

    There are some purchases that we make in life that are done as quickly as possible; such as our grocery shopping, or picking up a newspaper on the way home from work. However, there are others that require a lot more time.

    Buying jewelry definitely falls into the latter category. After all, in some cases, it can be a major investment, and the last thing you want to feel is hurried or harassed. Most good jewelry stores encourage their customers to take their time, understanding the importance of giving the individual the space to consider their purchase.

    Creating a Welcoming, Inspiring Environment
    At the Gold and Diamond Source, we like to go one step further. We don’t just see buying jewelry as an investment, we see it as an enjoyable, exciting experience. After all, few things in life are more thrilling than seeing row after row of sparkling diamonds, shining gold and brightly colored gemstones.

    We don’t just see it in monetary terms, we see it as an inspirational experience. Rather than simply leaving the store, content with your purchase; we want to see you departing with a huge smile on your face, and a desperate excitement to open your package and put your jewelry on as quickly as possible!

    How we Create the Magical Experience
    A lot of the magic at the Gold and Diamond Source comes from our staff. We’re a family owned business, and we retain that welcoming, approachable manner with all our customers, encouraging questions, offering honest opinions and enjoying plenty of friendly conversation.

    Our 10,000ft showroom is designed to make you feel relaxed and at home. There’s no pressure or rush, you can take your time to look at our selection and ensure you pick the perfect piece of jewelry.

    We’ve also got some amazing technology at our disposal, including state-of-the-art computer imaging to help create custom rings. Every detail is attended to, from the chic, celebrity-inspired exterior, to the warm, inviting ambiance inside. We also use scent to enhance this terrific atmosphere!

    Your Invitation to Join Us
    If you’d like to experience jewelry buying on a whole new level, come and visit us today in Clearwater, Florida or on Facebook! We look forward to giving you a warm welcome.