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  1. The Benefits of Buying a Bridal Set, Rather than Two Separate Rings

    Traditionally, the engagement ring and wedding ring are purchased separately. However, this can sometimes cause complications. Many women struggle to find rings that complement one another; and occasionally, the rings can sit awkwardly on top of one another, creating a not entirely appealing effect.

    Bridal Sets: Providing a Solution

    Bridal sets provide a wonderful solution to the problem outlined above. If you don’t know what a Bridal Set is, allow us to tell you. Quite simply, it’s an engagement ring and wedding band that have been designed specifically to fit together on the finger, which looks far neater, not to mention sometimes more attractive.

    The Advantages of Buying a Bridal Set

    • Cohesive look. Some brides actively don’t want their rings to match. However, if you’re one of the brides who loves an elegant, cohesive appearance, then a Bridal Set makes for a great option. This Bridal Set demonstrates how well the two rings work together, and you can also customize the gemstone!
    • Value for Money. Due to the way in which the Bridal Sets are crafted, this enables the jewelry supplier to sell them for a lower amount than if they were two separate rings; which means more diamonds for you, for less money!
    • Comfort. The exact fit that a bridal set offers can really enhance the comfort of wearing the rings. Sometimes, women find wearing two different rings uncomfortable, especially if they ‘pinch’ the flesh in between. Bridal set rings are designed to slot completely together, thus eliminating this discomfort.

    Is it Right for You?

    There’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s entirely a matter of taste. The best way to find out whether or not they’re right for you is to visit your local diamond jewelry supplier and try one on! If it feels perfect on your finger, then you’ve probably found the right option for you.

  2. What Every Groom Needs to Consider Before Buying His Ring

    When planning a wedding, many couples often focus on the female; on both her engagement ring, and her ring for the big day. However, it’s really important to remember that as the husband-to-be, you need a ring too!

    Contrary to common opinion, your ring matters every bit as much as your bride’s. After all, you’ll be wearing the ring every day, for the rest of your life; so you want to make sure that you select something that’s up to the task.

    Here’s a few things to think about before committing to buy your wedding ring.

    Grooms: Things to Consider Before Investing in a Wedding Ring

    • Think about the finish. Some wedding bands are naturally polished, providing a high-shine finish. Others use brushed metal, which dulls the natural shine. Think about your personal style, and what is best suited to it.
    • Traditional or modern? It’s your wedding ring, so the style is entirely up to you. If you want to keep it traditional, choose a simple gold band. If you prefer to choose something a little more unusual, there are plenty of distinctive wedding rings available, such as this striking black titanium band.
    • To match, or not to match? Some couples like to have matching rings, to symbolize their union in marriage. Others like to choose rings that celebrate their unique personality. Discuss your options with your bride before choosing a ring, to ensure that you’re both in agreement, whatever the decision.
    • Know your size. It’s always a good idea to know your ring size before heading out to make your purchase. If you’re unsure, it’s likely that the jewelry store will be able to measure your finger for you.
    • Think about practicality. You’ll be wearing this ring every day, so you’ll want to make sure that it can withstand the rigors of your lifestyle. If you work a lot with your hands, you might want to consider choosing a material that is scratch-resistant.

    Still Unsure? Talk to the Gold and Diamond Source in Tampa

    If you’re still not quite sure which ring to choose, the best way to come to a decision is to talk to the experts. At the Gold and Diamond Source, we’ll be able to talk through your options and make some helpful suggestions, to help you discover the perfect ring for you.

  3. Rare and Beautiful: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Yellow Diamonds

    You’re probably already familiar with traditional white diamonds; they are, after all, a girl’s best friend! However, there’s another type of diamond that is rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to its unusual color and striking beauty.

    Allow us to introduce the yellow diamond!

    Yellow Diamonds: A Brief Introduction

    Yellow diamonds, or ‘canary diamonds’ as they’re sometimes known, have all the clarity and sparkle that you might expect of a diamond, but with an amazing yellow hue. A naturally occurring yellow diamond is far harder to find than a white diamond, so as a result, they are much rarer; which really adds to their elusive, exclusive appeal.

    If you want to buy a piece of jewelry featuring a yellow diamond, it’s really important to be aware that there are synthetic versions of yellow diamonds available to buy. Here’s how you can tell whether or not you’re buying the real thing or not.

    Synthetic and Natural Canary Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

    Natural yellow diamonds occur naturally, as a result of nitrogen impurity present in the ground as the diamond is being formed. In contrast, synthetic yellow diamonds are made in a laboratory; normally on purpose, although sometimes they are made in error (for example, if a white diamond is given the wrong chemical treatment).

    The best way to tell whether or not you’re buying a genuine natural yellow diamond is to ask for a certificate of authenticity, which will be given to you, as part of the purchase, by a registered diamond jewelry supplier. If in doubt, don’t buy it; as natural yellow diamonds are considerably more expensive than the synthetic kind.

    Yellow Diamonds: How to Tell the Quality?

    Yellow diamonds are highly sought after; but the most desirable are those with a brighter, more intense color. Shades tend to vary from diamond to diamond. Sometimes, you’ll see a yellow diamond that is very pale, with flecks of white inside. Some have no white in them at all; again, these are the more desirable stones.

    Locating a Reputable Supplier

    If you want to invest in some yellow diamond jewelry, it’s imperative to purchase through a registered jewelry expert. Otherwise you run the risk that your diamond may not be natural.

  4. Gay Marriage in Florida: Picking the Perfect Rings

    Finally, the ruling banning gay marriage in the state of Florida has been overturned, allowing same-sex couples to get married and enjoy the same rights as straight couples. From 5th January 2015, gay couples can now legally say ‘I do’ and cement their love for one another with a wedding ceremony.

    It’s big news for the state. As Nadine Smith, CEO for Equality Florida says, ‘Florida is ready for the freedom to marry.’

    Wedding Bands: Picking the Perfect Rings for You and Your Partner
    If you’re about to get married to your partner, it’s likely that you’ve been thinking about what rings to wear. Traditionally, wedding rings tended to be a simple gold band for the man and a diamond band for the lady. However, more couples, both gay and straight, are eager to break with convention, and pick rings that select their unique personality and special relationship.

    Things to Consider When Selecting Rings
    Do you want matching, or different? It’s a nice touch to get identical rings. It carries a powerful symbol of your love, reflected in the other. However, whilst this may appeal to some couples, others may feel restricted on choice. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose completely different designs; but it’s a nice idea to select rings that complement one another in some way; even if it’s just having matching engraving on the inside.

    Big and bold, or small and subtle? This is very much down to personal preference, and we recommend that you visit your local diamond and gold store and try them on, to see which looks best. Remember that your ring needs to last over the years. Large, smooth surfaces are more prone to scratching, so might not be suitable if you do a job that involves manual work.

    To sparkle or not to sparkle? There’s no doubt that diamonds are a great way of grabbing attention, with their natural dazzle and shine. However, not everyone wants a wedding band encrusted with diamonds. If you want to enjoy a bit of sparkle on a more subtle level, select a band with minimal diamond detail; to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Get Inspired at the Gold and Diamond Source
    The best way to choose your wedding rings is, of course, to see them and to try them on! Pay us a visit to the Gold and Diamond Source in Clearwater, Florida, and our team will help you discover the perfect ring for your big day.

  5. Finding the Perfect Diamond Earrings for Your Wedding Day

    Your wedding day is fast approaching, you’ve got the dress, the shoes, the flowers; but what about your jewelry? It’s important to bear in mind that bridal jewelry doesn’t just start and end with the wedding ring. You also need to consider other details, such as a necklace and, of course, earrings.

    Earrings are so important to get right, especially if you’re having an up-do, leaving your ears on display. Of course, diamonds make a natural choice for your wedding, and not many other stones can compete when it comes to sparkle and sheer opulence.

    Choosing the Right Diamond Earrings for Your Wedding: Things to Consider

    • ‘Will they work with my bridal gown?’ Before investing in a pair of diamond earrings, think about your wedding dress. If your dress features a lot of detailing, you may want to keep your earrings simple. Alternatively, if your gown is less detailed, a pair of striking earrings are the perfect way to add interest to your look.
    • ‘Do they reflect the theme of my wedding?’ If you’re having a themed wedding, think about how your earrings will work within it. If you’re having a sophisticated wedding event, we love these chic gold and diamond earrings.
    • ‘Will the earrings complement my hair style?’ If you’re having a simple up-do, choose a pair of earrings that hang slightly below the earlobe, to create natural balance. Alternatively, if you are leaving your hair down, a glimpse of a diamond stud looks wonderful.
    • ‘Will I want to wear them again after the big day?’ Of course, buying diamonds is an investment, and it’s likely that you’ll want to wear them again after the wedding is over. If so, think about how your wedding earrings will work with your existing wardrobe, and choose accordingly.

    Expert Guidance at the Gold and Diamond Source in Tampa

    If you’re not sure which style you want for your special day, simply visit your local diamond jewelry experts. They’ll be able to provide you with all the helpful advice and tips that you require in order to make the right decision.