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  1. The Return of Charm Bracelets

    Charm bracelets are one of the types of jewelry that never really go away. Some people who wear them do so because of the sentiment they associate with the bracelet. However, charm bracelets have been reinvented for the 21st Century, with more choices to express yourself through your jewelry than ever before.

    No other piece of jewelry can be personalized in the same way that a charm bracelet can be. Whether you choose your own charms and add new ones regularly or your charms are gifts that your loved ones have given you for special occasions, each and every one will mean something important to you.

    Silver, Gold and a Touch of Color

    The choice of charms and the bracelet that they went on used to be limited to silver or gold. Today, not only do you have the option to mix your metal colors together for a more interesting look, there are also incredibly detailed charms that have color accents for a more artistic design. There are also many more styles. If there is something or someone important to you, there is probably a charm to match!

    A Lifetime of Charms

    Some of the categories of charms you can select from to personalize your charm bracelet are animals, special events, birthstones, music and dance, mother, father and baby charms, those that reflect your religious beliefs, your heritage or your favorite sport. Creating a charm bracelet is a lot of fun as you collect symbols that mark some of the most memorable and important times in your life.

    Your personalized charm bracelet is a custom piece of jewelry that will bring you joy for a lifetime. It may even turn out to be an important heirloom one day that will be enjoyed by future generations.

  2. Modern Trends for Engagement Rings

    Traditionally, men purchased an engagement ring made with a solitaire diamond and gold to present to his intended when he surprised her with a proposal. While some couples still follow the traditional route, others are going with new trends that are leaning towards becoming modern traditions.

    Today, more couples are taking the “surprise” out of the choice of an engagement ring and letting the intended bride have a role in choosing the style she would like to have. Now that there are more options for purchasing loose diamonds, selecting various settings and having rings made according to individual taste, more couples are planning the purchase of the engagement ring together.

    Diamonds are no Longer the Clear Choice

    The way the engagement ring is purchased is not the only trend that has changed. Although the diamond has long been the recognized symbol for everlasting love, some soon-to-be-brides are looking towards fancy colored diamonds to add more personality to their ring. The many colors and hues allow them to choose a favorite color, a birthstone, or a color that they find intriguing.

    Due to their rarity, colored diamonds are more expensive than their clear counterparts are, and are more valuable. Platinum is also a metal that is considered more precious than gold and is gaining in popularity for wedding rings. Considering that an engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime and to represent the love and commitment shared between the bride and groom for a lifetime, it should be considered an investment, not an expense.

    Make an Engagement Ring a Personal Choice

    Many factors determine the overall appearance of an engagement ring including the size and cut of the diamond, the style of the setting and the embellishments that the bride may want to add. Playing a role in choosing her own ring is a good way for the bride to get the ring she will enjoy wearing for a lifetime!


  3. Why are "Diamonds a Girl's Best Friend?"

    It may be true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, just for the simple fact that women like pretty things. Jewelry, clothes, makeup and hair products all do something to help women feel a little bit better and more feminine. Diamonds certainly do that! It can be said that they are a woman’s best friend, because girls certainly love their diamond engagement rings, their jewelry and everything pretty.

    But unlike some cheaper jewelry, diamonds are “forever” and there is no way around the fact that a woman would much rather have something that can last her a lifetime than something that may fade with time and need to be replaced .

    But where did the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” come from and how true is it?

    She Made it Famous

    Marilyn Monroe seemed to have all the class and beauty a girl could ever aspire to have. She certainly made it seem that way when she sang the classic song of “Diamonds Are a Girls’ Best Friend.” Written by Carol Channing in the production Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe made a simple phrase famous for the rest of time.

    No matter what diamond seller you look at around the world, you will hear or read that phrase at least once during your time looking for the right diamond.

    Marilyn Monroe was the right girl in her time to introduce this song. It would be like having Angelina Jolie sing (if she could) about something everyone could want, and soon enough, everyone would.

    Most Popular Use for a Diamond

    If diamonds are all they say they are—forever, a best friend and beautiful—then how do women and men use them the most?

    Most people who love their diamond jewelry and engagement diamond rings are definitely the ones who get the most attention for how they use the jewel. But diamonds can also be used for other things, like precision cutting, x-ray window covers and microelectronics. Imagine that?

  4. How Diamonds became Popular for Engagements

    Everyone has seen it on women’s hands. That shiny stone set on a silver or gold background. The beautiful stone we call a diamond. Women don’t just wear them on their finger because they want to show off their love, although that is the main reason, but girls definitely like to have a bit of pretty bling. Since when and how did diamonds become popular as part of an engagement ring?

    The story of the first diamond engagement ring goes all the way back to Archduke Maximilian of Austria who gave his betrothed Mary a fancy and shiny engagement ring. Seeing as he was rather popular, it started as a trend amongst those of European aristocratic and noble background.

    Diamonds Were Evidence of Wealth

    In this day and age, although diamond rings are evidence of having either saved up money to buy one or of being well off, they used to be a very prominent sign of wealth. Those who were not very well to do were not able to afford diamond rings, because back when they first became popular, the diamonds used were more difficult to come across, thus costing more.

    With the discovery of African diamond mines and the following rush to sell diamonds, the price dropped and diamonds could be seen on the fingers of all types in society. Soon, those who were leading the diamond import decided to put a halt on the mad rush of selling diamonds at a cheap price so that now diamond engagement rings are sold at a decent yet not too cheap price.

    It was with the change in price and access that made diamonds easier to obtain and use in engagement rings, making what was just a pretty stone a famous trademark of a women’s engagement ring.

  5. Diamonds are Everyone's Best Friend

    Diamonds have wowed the world for years now. There is just something about that stone that people can’t get enough of. It is a stone that has captivated both women and men, no matter what shape or size it’s found in. Or color for that matter.

    Varieties in Diamonds

    The pink diamond is a favorite, imaginably with the girls, due to its rarity and being a very valuable stone. The amazing thing is that 95 percent of the world’s supply of pink diamonds comes from the Argyle mine. With its intense color, originality and scarcity, it is attractive for those who like to spend more money on something a bit more rare and delicate.

    Champagne diamonds are naturally colored that way and produced in a broad range of champagne colored tons. They are not as popular as pink diamonds among diamond collectors but they definitely hold their own. Pink champagne diamonds get a bit more attention, maybe for the simple fact of their pinkish color.

    Limited amounts of yellow diamonds exist and get their pick of collectors. But most people will go for a blue or green diamond, fancying the aquatic colored diamonds over the more prominent bright color.

    In the end, white diamonds still garner the most praise and attention due to the purity and finesse a white diamond brings to a piece of jewelry. You can’t go wrong if you are choosing a diamond for a woman you love or if you as a woman fancy one for yourself.

    But if you are going for rarity and finesse, a white diamond with the flashes of pink will be the best bet for you. Its uniqueness and beauty is often praised, and those who want to impress almost always go for the beautiful pink white diamond.

    Diamonds do not want for variety.

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