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  1. Bracelets Bring Joy!

    Bracelets are one of the best pieces of jewelry that you can buy, they can be used in casual situations and for formal events. Fancy bracelets include the pieces you will typically see at formal events. Often, their cuffs are designed not to bend. These bracelets are usually made of Gold, Silver, Platinum or a mixture of golds. Fancy bracelets can be inlaid with a variety of precious and semi-precious gems. However, more often they only have one central stone, or an inlay of diamonds.

    Beautiful Bracelets

    blue topaz bracelet

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    Casual bracelets usually are made from a wider variety of materials including leather, steel and copper in addition to the traditional jewelry metals. A much wider use of stones and decorations is used on casual bracelets. Bracelets made from non-traditional materials can feel liberating and fun.

    Casual bracelets can be worn almost anywhere and often it is the bracelet on a woman that will tell you the most about her personal style.  There are also bracelets that fall somewhere between casual and formal. These pieces  you can wear to work, hanging out with your friends, or to a formal event.

    14kt enamel butterfly anklet

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    Give a Bracelet as a Gift

    Bracelets have such a wide range of usability and they are not only stylish, they also fit universally, making a bracelet the optimal gift. A bracelet can be one of the most meaningful gifts and it can become a family heirloom that is passed down for generations. Quality bracelets are very impressive and there is a high likelihood this gift will bring joy to the receiving party.

    14k blue sapphire diamond bracelet

    Shop Here: 14 KT Blue Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

    Overall, bracelets make delightful gifts, and they are perfect for most situations.  Made from a multitude of beautiful and awe-inspiring materials, a bracelet is one of the best pieces of jewelry that you can buy or give. I personally love bracelets and one of my most cherished possessions is a bracelet that my mother passed down to me.

    14k 6.00ct round diamond bracelet

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