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  1. Custom Corporate Gifts for the Holidays

    There are many advantages to Corporate Gift Giving. Studies have shown in addition to advertising, corporate gift giving will keep your customers and employees happy time after time. Provided by Julie Weintraub Enterprises, a division of Gold and Diamond Source, we are proud to offer a large and varied selection of corporate gifts, customer appreciation gifts, and other custom pieces to help make your company shine.


    Corporate Gifts for Customer Appreciation 

    This year make your business stand out more. Customers will remember your company every time they use your branded pen or wear the beautiful jewelry you custom made for them from Gold & Diamond Source.

    Corporate Gifts for Customer Appreciation 

    Giving Gifts to employees is a great gesture; this is an extra way of telling them that you truly value their hard work. A branded key chain or Swarovski bluetooth speaker can be a constant reminder that you value and appreciate your employees. Gifts of appreciation have been proven to improve overall work and performance. The occasional gift lets your team know you couldn't do it without them!

    Custom Pieces for Your Company  

    Custom jewelry available upon requests. Gift jewelry pieces with your company's logo such as pins, cuff links, pendants and much more in solid gold, sterling silver or platinum!


    Explore our corporate gift catalog online HERE or email [email protected] for more information.


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