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  1. Spotlight on Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

    This halo style engagement ring features a rectangular halo with a 1 carat emerald cut center diamond and 0.875 carats total weight of round brilliant accent diamonds.

    We're all about yellow gold! Known for its warm, rich glow, it has been lovingly used to create jewelry and engagement rings for centuries. It is perfect for a timeless look and for couples seeking a vintage-inspired engagement ring.  Is a yellow gold engagement ring right for you?

    All About Those Karats

    Confused about the difference between karats and carats? Karat denotes a metal's purity, and carat measures the weight of diamonds and gemstones. The most common yellow gold that you’ll come across is 14kt and 18kt gold.

    • 14kt gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy, making it 58.3% gold.
    • 18kt gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy, making it 75% gold, making 18kt gold purer than 14kt gold.
    • 18kt gold is an ideal gold mixture because it combines durability, purity, and beauty.
    • 24kt is considered to be pure gold, but it is typically too soft to use for jewelry.

    Yellow Gold and Diamonds

    A yellow gold setting will help hide the color of a faint diamond, so you can go lower on the diamond color grade scale for your center stone. This can help save you money compared to a white gold or platinum setting that might make color more obvious. If you are looking for a vintage-style engagement ring, the warm hues of a faint diamond and the rich tone of yellow gold might be perfect.

    Yellow Gold Facts

    • Yellow gold is extremely durable with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
    • Yellow gold should be polished and cleaned regularly. Because gold is a softer element, it is subject to dents and scratches no matter what karat you get.
    • 18kt gold is the most hypoallergenic option for yellow gold jewelry. 18kt gold is purer in gold content, so it will have less nickel in it than 14kt gold or 10kt gold.
    • Yellow gold is also a better hypoallergenic option than white gold, which often contains higher levels of nickel in order to give it a silver appearance.
    • Yellow gold generally looks best on those with a warm or neutral skin tone.


    Visit Gold & Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to see our full selection and talk to our engagement ring experts, or click HERE to explore different styles online before you come in.



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  2. Say "I Do" with Rose Gold Wedding Bands

    You say, "I will" with your engagement ring, but you say "I do" with your wedding band. Wedding bands are a complement to your engagement ring. While some brides opt for a single ring through engagement and marriage, most couples choose a wedding band to complete their engagement ring.

    Your wedding band can be a perfect match to your engagement ring, or it can feature a different style, metal color, or gemstones. Your engagement ring and wedding band— or wedding bands!— are totally up to you. Choose a ring combination that matches your personal style and taste.

    If you appreciate romantic, feminine designs, we suggest considering rose gold wedding bands. This style is warm and beautiful, and the metal color is the perfect backdrop to help diamonds and gemstones truly shine!

    Some of Our Favorite Rose Gold Wedding Bands

    Rose Gold Round Diamond Band
    Rose Gold Twist Band
    Princess Cut Diamond Anniversary Band
    Rose Gold 21 Stone Curved Band
    Rose Gold Ruby Flex Band
    Rose Gold Double Diamond Band
    Diamond Graduated "V" Ring



    Do you think a rose gold wedding band might be right for you? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of women's wedding bands online here.


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  3. Everyday Classics: Our Favorite Diamond Earrings

    Next to our diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings just might be the most-used item from our jewelry box. Versatile and classic, diamond earrings are the perfect day-to-night accessory. They shine all on their own, but they can always be dressed up with other, bolder jewelry.

    If you are looking for your first pair of everyday classic diamond earrings, or maybe you've been thinking about a second pair, we're highlighting some of our favorites here!



    Shop these princess cut diamond earrings HERE.




    Shop these pear shape drop earrings HERE.




    Shop these princess cut halo earrings HERE.




    Shop these rose gold diamond star earrings HERE.




    Shop these diamond ear climber earrings HERE.




    Shop these ASPIRI cushion cut halo earrings HERE.




    Shop these vertical bar diamond earrings HERE.




    Shop these diamond cluster earrings HERE.


    Shop earrings on our website HERE, or stop by and see our selection in person!

  4. Jewelry for Him from GDS

    Celebrating Him is just as important and treasuring Her!

    Today’s men are sophisticated, stylish and elegant and there is no better gift than jewelry for him. Here are just a few reasons to think about jewelry the next time you are shopping for your man.

    Jewelry is Intrinsically Valuable

    We all love the way jewelry looks but it also has real value that stands the test of time. Unlike electronics or clothes of a thousand other things-when you give a gift of fine jewelry to a man, he will still have it in 2O years and this means a lot!

    mens bracelet

    14KT Gold Figaro Link Bracelet

    Men’s Jewelry is a Unique Expression of His Individuality

    In a world filled with mass produced everything it becomes very difficult to separate your sense of style from the pack. Men’s jewelry is one way to do this. Adding a pair of cufflinks for example is like adding a breath of fresh- air to a beautiful suit. Stylish men’s dressing is all about the details and cufflinks or a tie clip allow a man to make a suit his own.

    Gold cuff links for him

    Round Diamond Brushed Cufflinks

    Gems & Minerals are Just Fun

    About 90% of geologists and rock collectors are men. This is because gems and minerals are both fun and interesting. Geology is an artful blend of physics, chemistry and history. Precious and semi-precious stones are the kings of geology. Men can wear larger stones than a woman and they look absolutely fabulous. If your man loves rocks, it’s time to introduce him to Jewelry and the wonderful diversity of gems that are available in jewelry designs for men. This is an amazing world and GDS located in Clearwater, FL invites you to come into the store and explore!

    lapis tie tack

    Lapis Tie Tack

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  5. 5 Steps to Find Her Perfect ENGAGEMENT RING

    When deciding to pop the question and planning a proposal, finding the perfect engagement ring is often the biggest challenge. You know you want to spend the rest of your life with her... but it's quite normal to not know her favorite engagement ring styles!

    You can propose without a ring or shop for an engagement ring together, but there is nothing like a surprise proposal with the engagement ring in hand! Here we share tips to learn about out her dream engagement ring styles without her knowing!

    GDS White and Yellow Halo Ring


    Her closet can reveal a lot about her personal style and preferences. Does she prefer bold, daring styles or is she more classic and conservative? Her engagement ring should coordinate with her personal style so this tip is big.

    romance bridal solitare


    A glimpse into her current jewelry collection can provide insight for what styles she prefers. Whether her jewelry reflects a vintage vibe or if she loves colored diamonds, knowing her current jewelry preferences can be a quick jump to finding her perfect ring! Don't forget to check for her ring size, too!

    Romance engagement ring setting with a twist


    If you are planning a surprise proposal, remember the less people you ask, the better! Ask her close family and friends if she has mentioned styles she prefers or even consider asking them to look at rings online or at a local jeweler with you.

    side view rose gold white gold setting


    If she suspects a proposalat all, she might already be dropping hints about what she wants. Listen closely for any mention on engagement rings-- especially her opinion on friends' rings who are recently engaged. Check her Pinterest board and keep your eyes open on Facebook. She might have already shared her perfecr ring!

    pear shaped diamond engagement ring


    If she has a go-to local jeweler, they might know her preferences better than anyone. They can share her favorite styles and maybe even point you to a specific ring she covets.

    Diamond wedding band with Marquis cut diamonds

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