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  1. Spring at GDS: The Jewelry we LOVE!

    Spring is in the air and it’s time to refresh your jewelry and your wardrobe. Rings from the Juleve collection at Gold & Diamond Source can make your hands absolutely irresistible. This spring the trends are flirty, fun and pretty and they are all about pastels. Pinks and purples are popping up in everything from nail colors to lingerie.

    Gorgeous pastel, floral and vibrant fabrics make Spring and Summer come alive! This is a great time to update your jewelry too!

    Pink and Playful: Rings by Juleve 

    Why not indulge in Juleve’s Pink Kunzite Ring  to create hands that are irresistibly flirty and fun! Add a pair of strappy heels and a floral dress for a completely fresh and irresistible new look for Spring.

    Pink Kunzite Ring, pretty pretty pretty in pink! Pink Kunzite Ring for Mothers Day. The Perfect Gift!

    Shop here > Pink Kunzite Ring

    Green and Gorgeous: Juleve’s Sophisticated Side

    Juleve’s serene and unusual rounded tourmaline are signature pieces in the Juleve Line. Seductive and sophisticated, these soft spoken Tourmaline rings capture the renewal of spring. Match with a sharp skirt and blouse to create a look that is fresh and alive!

    Juleve Cat's Eye Ring To Die for Juleve Cats Eye from Gold and Diamond Source. Amazing!

    Shop here > Juleve Cats Eye Tourmaline Ring

    Ruby Tuesday…and Wednesday and Thursday and…

    Red and seductive, fresh and arresting, Juleve’s Rubellite Tourmaline Ring beckons the eye to come back again and again and again. Add any of the season’s red lipsticks for a look that goes easily to the office and out on the town on a Saturday night.

    Juleve Ruby Tourmaline Ring Ruby Tourmaline Ring by Juleve. Stunning.

    Shop here > Juleve’s Rubellite Tourmaline Ring

    Blues at Clearwater!

    Nothing matches the clear blue water of Clearwater, Florida like an Emerald Cut Aquamarine by Juleve. Timeless and sensual, Juleve’s aquamarines are fresh and invigorating. Pair with a slip dress in cream to create an evening style that is sensuous, and fresh for spring.

    Aquamarine Ring by Juleve Juleve Aquamarine and Diamonds Capture the essence of Spring!

    Shop Here > Emerald Cut Aquamarine by Juleve

  2. Yellow Gold: Making a Glowing Comeback in Tampa at GDS

    Yellow gold is back on trend but we argue it never went away to begin with. Classic, warm and bright, yellow gold jewelry makes a statement and is a favorite for rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings alike! Bonus: yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic gold, and it is easier to clean than white or rose gold.

    14K Special Link Bracelet


    Romantic yellow gold goes with everything. From two-tone styles to gemstones and diamonds, gold is as flexible as it is beautiful.

    circle drop earrings

    Stars such as Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston have yellow gold engagement rings. Yellow gold works well for brides looking for a vintage-inspired look or a classic touch on a modern design.


    Craving bright yellow gold? Add simple earrings, layer a necklace or stack a bangle in this soft, feminine metal. Here are just a few of our yellow gold favorites:

    gold necklace

    round diamond bracelet

    8k diamond tennis bracelet

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