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  1. Get Your Holiday Shopping Done at Gold and Diamond Source

    Holiday bells are ringing at Gold and Diamond Source! Our experienced team of jewelry experts are here for extended hours ready to help as you shop for the perfect holiday gifts online or in store at our Clearwater showroom! So why shop at Gold and Diamond Source this holiday season?

    Our selection of loose diamonds is truly breathtaking, and we invite you to examine our collection of shimmering cuts. We carry Round, Princess, Radiant, Emerald, Pear, Heart, Marquise, and Trillion Cut diamonds, all available in various sizes, colors, and clarities. Each piece is hand selected by our owner to ensure maximum brilliance. Whether you are looking for the perfect ring, tennis bracelet, diamond earrings, or pendant, you are sure to find your ideal piece in our collection.

    Gold and Diamond Source has been in business since 1984 and has the area's largest selections of fine diamonds, diamond semi-mounts, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, fine watches and colored gemstone jewelry that you will see anywhere!

    Jewelry To Match Every Style and Budget

    We are proud to offer an impressive collection of diamond studs, tennis bracelets, gemstone jewelry, gold chains, necklaces, pearls, watches, and more— all with free lifetime cleaning and inspections and a knowledgeable, caring staff to make sure you find something you— and they— will love for years to come! Explore jewelry here.

    This elegant tear drop pendant has .16tw round brilliant diamonds carefully and tastefully placed in 14k white gold

    Juleve Couture

    The Juleve Collection features one-of-a-kind pieces designed by Gold & Diamond Source’s very own Steve and Julie Weintraub. With over thirty years of experience in the Jewelry industry, it is no wonder the couple has managed to produce such remarkable pieces of jewelry for their house line. These are works of art with as much personality and presence as their designers.

    The Juleve Collection features sophisticated and bold jewelry designs with an uncompromising quality featuring the best stones available in the world! Shop the collection here. 


    Custom Design

    A custom, handcrafted piece of jewelry from Gold and Diamond Source allows you the opportunity to create and design a one of a kind piece of jewelry that will become a part of you. Our award winning custom designer gives you the opportunity to create the jewelry piece of your dreams. We use the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) design programs or hand wax carvings to show you exactly what your piece of jewelry will look like so you can be assured it will be exactly what you are looking for and enjoy for years to come. Learn more here. 

    White Gold 1.25 Carat Total Weight Princess Cut Diamond Earrings. The Earrings Display G-H In Color And I1 In Clarity

    Gift Cards

    Do you prefer they pick out their own gift? Purchase a gift card in person or online in amounts from $50 to $1,000. Learn more here. 


    Easy and Flexible Layaway Plan

    Gold & Diamond Source offers a very easy & flexible layaway plan. The down payment required is 20%, with equal monthly payments and up to 6 months to pay the item off. Come in today and speak with a sales consultant regarding our layaway plan, or you can call (727) 573-9351, or email for more information. Layaway payments can be made over the phone or in-store only. Learn more here.


    Visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete selection of great gifts, or shop a selection online HERE.

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  2. Spotlight on Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

    This halo style engagement ring features a rectangular halo with a 1 carat emerald cut center diamond and 0.875 carats total weight of round brilliant accent diamonds.

    We're all about yellow gold! Known for its warm, rich glow, it has been lovingly used to create jewelry and engagement rings for centuries. It is perfect for a timeless look and for couples seeking a vintage-inspired engagement ring.  Is a yellow gold engagement ring right for you?

    All About Those Karats

    Confused about the difference between karats and carats? Karat denotes a metal's purity, and carat measures the weight of diamonds and gemstones. The most common yellow gold that you’ll come across is 14kt and 18kt gold.

    • 14kt gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy, making it 58.3% gold.
    • 18kt gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy, making it 75% gold, making 18kt gold purer than 14kt gold.
    • 18kt gold is an ideal gold mixture because it combines durability, purity, and beauty.
    • 24kt is considered to be pure gold, but it is typically too soft to use for jewelry.

    Yellow Gold and Diamonds

    A yellow gold setting will help hide the color of a faint diamond, so you can go lower on the diamond color grade scale for your center stone. This can help save you money compared to a white gold or platinum setting that might make color more obvious. If you are looking for a vintage-style engagement ring, the warm hues of a faint diamond and the rich tone of yellow gold might be perfect.

    Yellow Gold Facts

    • Yellow gold is extremely durable with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
    • Yellow gold should be polished and cleaned regularly. Because gold is a softer element, it is subject to dents and scratches no matter what karat you get.
    • 18kt gold is the most hypoallergenic option for yellow gold jewelry. 18kt gold is purer in gold content, so it will have less nickel in it than 14kt gold or 10kt gold.
    • Yellow gold is also a better hypoallergenic option than white gold, which often contains higher levels of nickel in order to give it a silver appearance.
    • Yellow gold generally looks best on those with a warm or neutral skin tone.


    Visit Gold & Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to see our full selection and talk to our engagement ring experts, or click HERE to explore different styles online before you come in.



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  3. Guide to The Perfect Ring Selfie

    He popped the question, you said yes, and now you can't stop staring at your gorgeous ring! Once you've told your family and closest friends, the next step is taking the perfect ring selfie. This is the shot your friends will love to revisit over and over again as they share this exciting time with you. For many, the ring selfie has replaced the traditional method of calling to tell the good news.

    If you plan on celebrating your engagement with a ring selfie, we've gathered the very best tips to do it right and enhance the natural beauty of your diamond to achieve a stunning, true-to-life engagement ring selfie.

    Guide to The Perfect Ring Selfie

    Get it just right

    It all starts with the hand! A little hand lotion and a manicure can go a long way in making your hands look their best for their close-up. If you're planning on getting engaged soon, consider staying away from trendy nail art and choosing a more timeless look that wouldn't distract from an engagement ring.

    The perfect angle

    Regardless of the actual size of your center diamond, certain angles and setups can change the appearance of its size. In most cases, we recommend taking a top-down shot of your ring. This shot is called a “table view”, and it will give the most accurate impression of the diamond’s size.

    In most cases, side-view photos of an engagement ring can be totally misleading. For instance, a large diamond ring that sits low on the finger will look tiny in a side-view image, where capturing it from a table view will help show its true size.

    Bonus tip: remove all other jewelry and accessories from your hand and wrist before snapping a selfie to truly let your engagement ring shine. The shapes and sizes of your other jewelry, especially larger watches, can skew how big the center stone appears.

    What details to share

    Exactly how much ring details to share has been long debated even before ring selfies were a thing. Generally, we err on the side of sharing less about your ring and simply letting friends and family marvel at the good news and the ring's beauty. Sharing details of price and carat weight can lead to discussions and feelings of jealousy and comparison that take away from your special day.

    Bonus tip: We do recommend sharing anything that tells of the ring's special meaning to you. If there was inspiration behind a part of the ring, if you used a family diamond, or if you chose a certain engraving, these details are unique and sweet to share with others.

    Details to remember

    Try to find natural light for the best ring selfie results. When natural light is not possible, avoid using your camera's flash as it can reflect the stone's brilliance in an unflattering way.

    Avoid using zoom for the perfect shot. Zoomed in photos often come out blurry. Avoid using the zoom feature to guarantee a crisp, high quality photo.

    Don't take a close-up table shot if you have an Asscher or emerald cut diamond. With such large, open tables, inclusions appear more obvious in these cuts. Avoid highlighting minor inclusions with a farther away photo or slightly turned angle.


    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of engagement rings online HERE.

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  4. Top 10 Engagement Ring Myths Busted

    If you are planning on getting engaged soon, there's a chance you have a few hard things you know about engagement rings. Whether it be the best size, the ideal shape, or the rules for budget, we all have ideas of what is right.

    An engagement ring is a big purchase— both emotionally and financially— so of course it is a purchase you will want to get right. Just like buying a car or putting a down payment on a house, it's best to go into it informed.

    We've pulled together ten of the biggest engagement ring myths— and what is actually true— for discerning brides- and grooms-to-be.

    Top 10 Engagement Ring Myths Busted

    You have to spend XX% of your salary on the ring.

    We've heard it all: that you should spent two months pay, three months pay, and a certain percentage of your annual salary on an engagement ring. This is a myth; the best budget is the one you come up with and that feels comfortable in your own financial situation. Remember, you can always finance, or pay with credit card. Learn more about financing HERE.

    Diamonds are indestructible and can’t be damaged.

    While diamonds score a 10/10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness (meaning of all minerals, they’re one of the hardest and most difficult to destruct), it’s possible for a diamond to chip or crack if struck at the right angle with the right force. This is why it's a good idea to leave your ring in a safe place when working with your hands or playing hand-contact sports.

    Platinum engagement ring settings are indestructible.

    Just like its white gold and yellow gold counterparts, your platinum engagement ring setting can be damaged through excessive wear or blunt force. Learn more about our warranty and trade-in policy HERE.

    A solitaire is a ring with a single round shaped diamond.

    Solitaire comes from the word ‘solo,’ meaning a single diamond when referring to an engagement ring. A solitaire ring can actually have any shape of center diamond. The only real criteria for a solitaire engagement ring is that it has no additional diamonds on the band. You can absolutely have a pear shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring, for example!

    Round diamonds appear the largest compared to other shapes.

    While round diamonds have the potential to sparkle more than any other diamond shape, their symmetry also makes them appear slightly smaller in comparison to a fancy shaped diamond of the same carat weight.

    The apparent size of any diamond, when viewed from the top down, can vary depending on the shape and size of the wearer’s hand. This is why it's a great idea to try on different diamond shapes and setting styles when beginning your engagement ring search.

    The engagement ring and wedding band should match.

    Gone are the days of the engagement ring and wedding band having to be a perfect match (thankfully). There are endless opportunities to create your own unique look with a mix of metals and styles between your engagement ring and wedding band. If you really want to create a unique look, choose more than one wedding band for a stacked look.

    An true engagement ring has a diamond center stone.

    While we love a diamond engagement ring, emeralds, sapphires, and other gemstones are stealing center stage in some stunning engagement rings. Each gemstone has its own beautiful hue and meaning, so there is no need to feel like you have to choose a diamond when finding or creating your perfect engagement ring.

    The setting is just a stage for the center diamond.

    While your center stone might be more expensive than the setting, both combine to make the whole package. If you view an engagement ring setting as simply a stage for the diamond, you could be missing out on some beautiful details. Give thought to the setting as much as the center stone.

    The engagement ring has to be a surprise.

    While most couples still prefer a surprise proposal, discussing what she likes and dislikes in engagement rings— or even stopping by the showroom to try on rings together— will help ensure your partner will love the final ring you choose. Don't worry— the proposal will still be a surprise!

    Designing your own engagement ring is hard.

    While custom designing your engagement ring can be a tedious process, it can actually be very easy (and cost efficient!) to design the ring of your dreams. A custom, handcrafted piece of jewelry from Gold and Diamond Source allows you the opportunity to create and design a one of a kind piece of jewelry that will become a part of you. Our award winning custom designer gives you the opportunity to create the jewelry piece of your dreams. We use the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) design programs or hand wax carvings to show you exactly what your piece of jewelry will look like so you can be assured it will be exactly what you are looking for and enjoy for years to come. Learn more about custom design HERE.


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  5. 5 Easy Tips to Plan Your Holiday Proposal Now


    With holiday lights all around, a slight chill in the air, and family near, we think December is a wonderful month for a surprise proposal! Right now is the perfect time to begin planning your holiday proposal at any one of Clearwater ‘s beautiful places to get engaged.

    Here are our top tips for planning your holiday proposal now:

    1.     Find her engagement ring style.

    Look at the jewelry she already wears. Does she wear minimal jewelry, or does she layer on her favorite pieces? Does she love the simplicity of a diamond, or is her jewelry box full of different colors?

    It’s also a great idea to ask trusted friends and family members. It is likely that she has mentioned different styles she prefers— and maybe even some she doesn’t!


    Shop this halo engagement ring here> Shop this halo engagement ring here>

    2.     Explore different engagement ring styles.

    While your engagement ring turnaround time might be quick, it’s always better to begin your search early in case you want a custom piece or decide to include existing jewelry in your design.

    While you might have an idea of what you like, seeing and feeling different designs might point you in a whole new direction!


    3.     Scope out the specifics.

    With at least an idea of your engagement ring in mind, now it’s time to scope out the specifics of your holiday proposal.

    The place— Clearwater has beautiful landmarks ready for a romantic holiday proposal! We recommend considering Pier 60, Sand Key Beach and Bon Appétit’s Waterside Table for Two Dinner for your perfect proposal.

    The time— Are there events over the holiday season where loved ones will be near? Even if you don’t want to propose in front of others, you might enjoy having them near to celebrate with after!

    We would love to help you plan your holiday proposal! Browse our engagement rings online here, or stop by and see us to see and feel our engagement rings in person!

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