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  1. New Fun Choices for Engagement Rings in Tampa

    Twenty years ago almost every engagement ring was a Solitaire Diamond. While a Solitaire is beautiful, today there are many new styles of engagement rings to choose from that let you express your individual love.

    Juleve Pink Sapphire Ring

    Colored Stones in an Engagement Ring

    Choosing a colored stone for the central stone in your engagement ring is one way to make your engagement unique and special. Yellow diamonds and other alternative stones such as Morganite and Sapphire are excellent choices for alternative stones. The main stone must be fairly hard to withstand the daily wear an engagement ring endures. Using a colored central stone allows you to bring your favorite color into the ring you will wear every day.

    yellow diamond ring GDS

    Alternative Styles Make Excellent Engagement Rings

    Maybe a ring that is clearly an engagement ring just isn't your thing or maybe you want one ring rather than an engagement ring and a wedding band. One of the new trends in engagement rings is to choose a ring that isn't clearly an engagement ring to everyone who looks at it. For some couples an alternative style is exactly what they are looking for. An engagement ring is really a special symbol of two people's love, of what they mean to each other. This individual expression and meaning is one reason alternative styles are becoming increasingly popular in engagement rings.

    yellow diamond heart shaped ring

    Mixed Materials for Engagement Rings

    Mixing materials such as rose gold with white gold is another way to give an engagement ring a unique look. Mixing materials is vibrant and fun. Wake up the inner creativity in your soul with a ring that uses unique materials. Wedding bands today include rings made from titanium and even wood. Inset stones can further enhance unique the use of unique materials in wedding bands.

    Three stone diamond halo engagement ring side view

    GDS in Tampa loves the new vibrance and expressive quality of alternative engagement ring styles. Today you can find a ring that is exactly right for you.

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  2. 3 Smart Ways to Start Your Marriage Off Right From GDS

    1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff | Let the Small Stuff GO!

    One of the hardest things about starting a marriage is you both will need to share things you have not shared before. Space… time… stuff.

    Take it from GDS, let the small stuff GO. A LOT of the things that can get on your nerves is just small stuff. So he doesn’t pick up his socks? So you do take an hour to get ready in the morning and you need your bathroom alone time. So what!

    These are all small things and if you both agree to embrace your love for one another and not sweat the small stuff you will both be happier and your marriage will be healthier!

    1. New Marriage Finances | 100 days of Summer at GDS: June 15-30th

    When a couple goes from dating to marriage, your finances become one. This means your expenses will go down- you will likely now be living on two incomes in one home and this translates into a better financial arrangement. However, if you want to optimize these advantages you will need to discuss your financial goals and be smart about it.

    A great way to start optimize your budget is to take advantage of 100 days of Summer at GDS: June 15-30th.

    This is our gift to you from Gold & Diamond Source to help you start your marriage off on the right foot. You must qualify for this offer and it cannot be combined with any of our other offers.  Our 100 Days of Summer Special Financing gives you:

    0% APR for 5 years*


    No Interest for 5 years*

    Apply In-Store Or Online

    Free financing for 5 years is a LONG time. This will let you get yourselves situated and settled in your new marriage without debt. This is a huge gift. Start with your engagement and wedding rings and then look for the best financing deals for things like furniture to help make your new marriage the best it can be.

    1. Make a Point of Saying Thank You Every Day

    Dating is exciting and both people are usually on their best behavior. As you settle into marriage it is easy to start taking the other person for granted. When comfort sets in, it can cause one or both of you to start feeling unappreciated. Make a point of saying thank you for something your partner has done for you every day and you will be on the path to creating a long and loving marriage.

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  3. GDS: Jewelry, Great Gifts for Mother's Day!

    Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. With the date quickly approaching, it is a good idea to start shopping for presents now. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Luckily, GDS has a large selection of jewelry to choose from. Here are some of our favorite gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day.

    A Locket Full of Love

    Mothers love meaningful gifts from their children. Part of being a mother is realizing that your children are the love of your life. A 14K Heart Locket is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Put in one of her favorite photos and this will be a gift that Mom will cherish for years!

    Heart Pendant - Copy

    Shop Here >  14K Heart Locket

    Beautiful Bracelets for Mom

    The beauty of bracelets is they never go out of style and they play well with others! Bracelets look fabulous worn together or by themselves. Worn to work or to play tennis, or to the ballet bracelets are the most versatile piece of jewelry a woman can own. Why not make it a Mother’s Day to remember with this stunning 7.48 carat bracelet in 18K white gold? This is a gift that will make any mom feel like a queen!

    Diamond Bracelet from Goldand Diamond Source - Copy

    Shop here > 7.48 CTW Diamond Bracelet 18K White Gold

    aguamarine bracelet

    Shop here > 14KT White Gold 16.61 Carat Total Weight Oval Aquamarine Bracelet

    Statement Earrings for Mother's Day

    Earrings are a great gift for Mother’s Day. A woman can never have too many earrings. This pair of Juleve 10.48CT Morganite and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings are a beautiful stylish addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

    Juleve earrings

    Shop here > Juleve 10.48CT Morganite & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings

    These .75CT Halo Diamond earrings are a unique twist on traditional diamond stud earrings. Mom will love both the size and the unique style of these beautiful earrings.

    halo diamond earrings - Copy

    Shop here > .75CT Halo Diamond Earrings

    Whatever present you decide to get for Mom for Mother’s Day we know that she will always cherish both the gift and the thought behind it.

    Visit the Gold and Diamond Source website HERE for more information.

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  4. Romance at GDS

    What is the meaning of love? What makes our hearts turn to fire and our minds turn to mush? Romance plays a large part in love and desire. Here is a quick look at the history of romance from GDS!

    Romance, as we know it, was first defined by the ancient Greeks. For the Greeks, love was divided into four distinct types, Eros (desire or intimate love), Storge (familial love), Philia (friendship love) and Agape (charitable love).

    black cobalt ring from Gold and Diamond Source

    Romance and Courtly Love

    During the Middle Ages, romance was further defined by the rituals of courtly love, many of which set up the basis for our modern romantic traditions. It was also during the Middle Ages that the emotional closeness that we associate with love was first acknowledged and defined as separate from sexual love. Romance became intertwined with story telling, chivalry and the cult of the Madonna.

    Romance Diamond and Sappire engagement ring setting

    Shop here > Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring Setting 18K White Gold

    The Victorians and Romance

    The Victorians added tokens of affection and romantic literature to Romance. To this day, the giving of jewelry as signs of love, fidelity and affection, rather than as signs of wealth, prestigious and power can be traced back to Victorian traditions.

    Modern Romance was further refined throughout the last century. Films and Hollywood have contributed significantly to Romance in this golden era. Today, Romance is an integral part of the joy of life and most of us couldn’t imagine a life without it.

    mixed Gold round engagement ring

    Shop here > 3 Stone Halo Engagment Ring Setting 18K Yellow and White Gold

    This gorgeous three-stone halo style engagement ring features 1.00 carat total weight of round brilliant diamonds in the setting. Romantic, elegant and timeless…

    Come into Gold & Diamond Source in Clearwater today to see the beauty of these rings in person.

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  5. Happy Valentine's Day From GDS in Tampa!

    Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Give your sweetheart a gift she will cherish and love forever!

    Our newest arrival, just in time for Valentine's Day, for the most deserving sweetheart!

    Intense Pink Heart Necklace Pink Diamond Heart Necklace

    Juleve Intense Pink Heart Necklace

    From our exclusive Juleve Collection, a 3.71ct Fancy Intense Pink HTHP Heart Shaped Diamond set with 2.93ct baguette diamonds and .20ct tw round brilliant natural pink diamonds in 18kt white gold. Absolutely Stunning!

    rose cut pears

    Rose Diamond Teardrop oversized earrings! 16.02 carat total weight rose cut pear shaped diamond drop earrings featuring milgrain mosaic styling. This very unique design which can be worn as clip style or omega clip for non-pierced and pierced ears!


    Fabulous Little Valentine's Day Gifts to Make Her Smile!

    GDS is known for our amazing Juleve collection and our stunning gems. We carry some of the best gemstones in the country and have received numerous design awards for our one-of-a-kind high end pieces. What many people don't know about GDS in Tampa is that we also carry a beautiful assortment of very reasonably priced pieces. We take the same care in these lines as we do with Juleve. Sometimes a little something is just the perfect gift!


    Nothing says "I Love You!" like an Amore necklace in 14k rose gold. A fresh take on the traditional Love necklace we love this necklace in rose gold for Valentine's Day! Love travels across all cultures and this Italian word for Love is similarly omni-cultural!

    amore love necklace

    Amore Necklace

    Does your love for her have you all wrapped up? Give this fun and sassy bangle as a testament of how she makes you feel. Made out of sterling silver, this fun bangle is easy to mix and match with other bracelets. This is a gift she is sure to wear and love!

    Heart bangle in SilverSilver Heart Bangle Bracelet

    Intricate and delicate, the sterling silver multi-colored gem bracelet below is a fun, easy gift to give this valentines day. Filled with multi-colored heart shaped gems, there are a rainbow of colors say 'I Love You'.

    heart Bracelet

    Multi-colored Gem Bracelet in Sterling Silver



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