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  1. How To Save For Your Dream Engagement Ring

    As we work with couples find their dream engagement rings during different seasons of their lives, we understand that being able to afford an engagement ring is a concern for many soon-to-be-engaged or newly-engaged couples. While it's easy to dream of proposing with a beautiful ring that they show off to their friends and will love to wear every day, you also want to feel comfortable with making such a large purchase.

    Though an investment, an engagement ring doesn't mean you have to empty your entire bank account or take on unwanted debt before you take the next step in your relationship together. Read on for tips on how to save for your dream engagement ring to take this next step with confidence.

    1. Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Lane

    First thing first— keep your eyes on your own lane. Toss the old ideas of two months' salary, or any ideas that an engagement ring needs to be a specific dollar amount. Purchasing a ring should not just make your partner happy, but also allow you to sleep well at night because you took the steps that were right for your lifestyle, desires, and budget!

    2. Create a Ring Budget

    When it comes to life's moments, it’s important to think about a realistic budget before you get too far in the planning process. Take a look at your proposal timeline, your finances, how you plan to save for and/or finance the ring, and come up with an engagement ring budget that allows you to still sleep well at night.

    3. Find Their Style

    While a surprise proposal can be amazing, a totally surprise engagement ring might not be as welcome. Even if you plan on handling the actual picking out or designing of the ring, it is still a good idea to try to uncover their ring style ahead of time. Finding out in advance if they prefer modern to vintage, or solitaire to halo— or even if they've always wanted a fancy color diamond— will direct your engagement ring purchase more than anything else.

    4. Bring In the Experts

    While exploring engagement rings online has its value, it's wise to take advantage the knowledge and resources of the experts when shopping for your engagement ring. Our online diamond education has easy-to-digest information that can help you make an informed purchase.

    5. Understand What You Want to Pay For

    There is a lot to consider when purchasing a diamond, so get to know the 4C’s to find the key characteristics that are most important to you and worth paying a premium for.

    6. Protect Your Investment

    Just like other larger purchases, it’s a good idea to protect your investment. Learn about our warranty here.


    Ready to see our engagement rings in person? We invite you to visit our Clearwater showroom to view our full selection, or explore rings online HERE.


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    "My husband and I went to the G&DS before we got engaged to look at diamonds and settings. We were immediately impressed with the friendly, professional atmosphere and the incredible selection of beautiful stones and jewelry. Cale and Debbie were extremely knowledgable and super helpful. We ended up buying all three of our rings from G&DS, and they were very accommodating making sure everything fit perfectly. Their customer service is superior and the quality and prices of their jewelry is unbeatable. Highly recommend!!!" — Kathi Y. on Yelp


  2. Online Financing at Gold and Diamond Source

    Purchasing an engagement ring is a big step— both personally and financially. That's why we're proud to offer 0% online financing through Affirm. Here's more need-to-know info about this convenient financing option:


    What is required to have an Affirm account? 

    Affirm offers clear, simple financing for your online purchases in just a few clicks:

    1. Be 18 years or older.
    2. Have a valid U.S. or APO/FPO/DPO mailing address (excluding overseas territories).
    3. Have a valid postpaid US mobile number that can receive SMS texts. The phone number must be registered in your name, and we cannot accept VOIP numbers at this time.
    4. Provide your name, email, valid mobile number, birthday and last 4 digits of SSN to help us protect and verify your identity.


    Does Affirm require a credit check?

    Affirm does a credit check to verify your identity and provide you with a financing offer when you sign up. This is a ‘soft’ credit check and will not impact your credit score. If you choose to complete a purchase and finance it with Affirm, we will do a single ‘hard’ credit check when your first order is processed by the merchant. This may have a minor impact on your credit score. For future purchases with Affirm we won’t need to check your credit again.


    Do I have a credit limit with Affirm?

    Affirm has no fixed credit limit. We underwrite each loan individually taking into account the merchant, items purchased and other information available at the time of purchase.


    Does Affirm charge any fees or interest rates?

    Affirm charges a small finance charge when you split your purchase into multiple payments. We will always clearly state the cost of the finance charge in terms of real dollars ($) and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) so that you can know exactly what you’re paying. We never charge any compounding interest and there are no hidden fees. We strive always to be more transparent and fair than any other form of financing.


    How do I apply?

    Just select  at checkout!


    "I went in to purchase a signet ring for my husband and AJ helped me pick the perfect shape and weight of the ring that would be the foundation of a custom piece. From then on, I worked with Val to design and create a beautiful heirloom for my husband's birthday. Val is an authentic and warm person who genuinely wants you to be happy with your purchase. After lengthy discussions, she knew exactly the style I was going for with my husband's ring. She worked above and beyond what is expected contacting me continuously through email (with pictures!) before moving forward with each iteration of the ring's design. I would be remiss to not mention the jeweler who crafted the ring. It is just beautiful. My experience was definitely a 5 star experience. I highly recommend The Gold and Diamond Source and ask for Val!!" — Jessica C. on Yelp


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  3. Warm Weather Jewelry Care Tips

    Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Accent Bypass Ring Featuring a .50 Carat Oval Pink Tourmaline and .12 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds

    With our Florida winter almost behind us, we are looking forward to warm Florida weather and all that comes with it— time outside with friends, fun at the beach, pool parties, and getting that garden back in line. With warm weather activities comes added wear on some of our most prized and personal possessions— our jewelry. Whether it's your engagement ring that represents your love, a pendant that is a family heirloom, or the diamond earrings you couldn't imagine living without, jewelry is more than worth taking care of.

    Especially in extreme weather such as Florida's high humidity, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect our jewelry and preserve its beauty. Warm spring and summer months present unique challenges to protecting fine jewelry. With a few easy and simple precautions, you can maintain the dazzling allure of your jewelry through this summer and for years to come.

    Beach Vacation

    For many, spring and summer mean vacation days and traveling. Make sure that if you are taking any jewelry with you on your travels, that you properly store and pack these items to ensure their safety. Never toss loose jewelry into a suitcase as it could easily be lost or damaged. Try and pack jewelry in a padded area of your suitcase, preferably in a box or pouch that was provided with the piece. If you’re flying, consider keeping your jewelry close by packing it in your carry on so you can keep a close eye on it’s whereabouts and condition. It may be a good idea to purchase a travel jewelry box made with special materials and with designated compartments to protect and store your jewelry.

    Warm Weather Activities

    Long days in the sun and the sand… summer means tons of fun activities to enjoy with friends and family. Some of these pastimes however, are not so jewelry friendly. These activities sometimes present extreme conditions that can pose serious threats to the state of your jewelry. When planning on spending time in a chlorinated pool or saltwater, it is best to leave your jewelry at home to ensure that none of your precious pieces are lost or damaged. Always store your jewelry in a safe place, shielded from excessive heat, sunlight, and moisture.

    Another important factor to consider: residue buildup can cause stones to appear cloudy and lose some of their sparkle. Summer weather often calls for special skin care, like the increased use of sunscreen. When caring for your skin, make sure  you’re also caring for your jewelry. Remove any jewelry before washing your hands, bathing, or applying lotion.

    Clothing Optional

    Warmer weather can mean more changing— whether due to heat or summer activities. When getting dressed and undressed, pay attention to rings, earrings, and the like. A simple rule to follow is to put your jewelry on only after getting fully dressed, and removing jewelry entirely before getting undressed. If you wear hats or accessories that may cover your jewelry, just make sure to take special care when removing these articles.

    Have fun this season, but make sure to protect your jewelry so you can continue to enjoy it for many seasons to come!



    "Great source for jewelry. Prices, quality and selection can't be beat. I was able to exchange my diamond solitaire I purchased from them 20years ago(still had receipt) and got full credit to upgrade. Other stores offered only a small fraction of the price for my old ring. You can feel comfortable buying from them knowing they will always back their products." — Sherrill A. on Yelp


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  4. Guide to Solitaire Engagement Rings

    Solitaire engagement rings showcase the dazzling beauty of a single diamond or gemstone. If you are looking for a classic, traditional engagement ring that radiates elegance and simplicity, a solitaire engagement ring might be right for you.

    In a solitaire engagement ring, the diamond takes center stage, unlike a halo engagement ring or three-stone engagement ring. This engagement ring style is typically paired with a prong setting to maximize the sparkle.

    Many couples are surprised to learn that a solitaire engagement ring setting can work with any diamond shape— from round to pear to heart! With a single center diamond, this ring style is a classic choice that never go out of style. Would you say yes to a solitaire diamond engagement ring?

    Just a Few Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings at Gold and Diamond Source:


    Heart Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Round Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Radiant Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring


    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of fancy color diamond jewelry online HERE.

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    "I am AMAZED at the service at GDS. Two years ago I had my oval stone put in a new setting at GDS, and I moved to Virginia soon after. Recently the prongs kept becoming loose, and I called the store to see what they could do to help make my stone more secure. They paid for me to ship my ring to Florida, and then had my setting re-made custom for my stone so that it was as secure as possible, then mailed it back to me. I am amazed that they basically made a custom ring for me two years after buying it! I was so happy with the final product and service that I called to tell Mais and Alexis how grateful I was. I can't imagine anywhere else being this committed to their customers!!!" — Claire P. on Yelp

  5. How to Shop for a Loose Diamond

    Have you been wondering how to shop for a loose diamond— whether you are considering a loose diamond as the start of an engagement ring, to upgrade an existing piece of jewelry, or for another design entirely? Nothing compares to the brilliance and fire of a loose diamond. By purchasing a loose diamond apart from a setting, you are able to get the best look at the stone to really see the 4 C's up close— cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You can view inclusions that a setting might otherwise hide or distract from, allowing you to make an informed decision about the diamond you are investing in.

    We are happy to offer our customers an extensive collection of diamond shapes including round brilliant, princess, oval, cushion, and radiant cuts. We carry diamonds graded by the most notorious gemological laboratories such as GIA, EGL, IGI and AGS.


    The Anatomy of a Diamond

    Learn about the 4 C's from the diamond experts. Our diamond education center is loaded with information from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) so you can rest assured you are making an informed diamond purchase. Learn more HERE.


    Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy

    With our unique 100% diamond trade-in policy, you may trade in your diamond at any time toward another diamond(s) of equal or greater value. Your trade in value is the original purchase price, excluding tax. The lifetime trade-in policy is valid for in-store and online purchases. Items that qualify for trade in are diamond solitaire rings, diamond solitaire pendants, and diamond solitaire earrings. Learn more about this policy HERE.


    Fancy Color Diamonds

    Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow. Check out our vast selection of diamonds in yellow, blue, pink, green and purple. Fancy colored diamonds are graded based on the depth of color - Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid. Explore fancy color diamonds HERE.


    Create Your Perfect Piece

    Are you ready to design your perfect piece? Explore our online Stud Builder, Pendant Builder, or Ring Builder to get started.


    Explore our Diamond Search

    Get a head start on your diamond search. Explore and compare diamonds by shape, carat, color, clarity, cut, and more with this innovative diamond search tool. Find this online tool HERE.


    Ready to see our loose diamond collection in person? We invite you to visit our Clearwater showroom to view our full selection, or explore loose diamonds online HERE.

    "We bought our engagement ring here and it is now the only place I'd ever go for jewelry. My fiance was with me as she wanted to pick out something unique and specific. They helped us pick out the perfect ring, ordered the correct stone (pretty quickly) and never tried to upsell me- which may not have been too hard considered my fiance was right next to me.

    Troy was our main salesman and he was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and just a down-to-earth guy. 10/10 experience." — Vincent M. on Yelp

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