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holiday bracelet

  1. Bracelets for the Holidays

    A bracelet is one of the best pieces of jewelry that you can give as a present. Bracelets are beautiful and easy to wear. A bracelet is a piece of jewelry that can easily go with a variety of outfits and be worn to casual or black tie events. Here are some of Gold and Diamond Source’s favorite bracelet styles for the holiday season.

    Openwork Diamond bracelet

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    Openwork Bracelets the Perfect Gift

    Holiday bracelets are one of our favorite gifts at Gold and Diamond Source this year. Starting with the best materials such as 18K gold, Diamonds and semi-precious gems, our designs are unique and special. Openwork bracelets reduce weight and add negative space to the designs to create pieces that are unique and beautiful.

    Openwork in Jewelry has been used for thousands of years by a variety of cultures including the Chinese and the Romans. Scythian jewelry was highly prized by the ancient Greeks for its delicate openwork and creative designs. The Scythians, who were nomads from the area of Modern Kazakhstan, developed and perfected openwork jewelry to match their nomadic lifestyle. Openwork makes pieces far lighter and easier to transport. The Greeks and later the Romans came to prize these pieces due to their design, skill and beauty.

    white gold bracelet

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    Bracelets and Beauty

    A diamond bracelet is a breathtaking object. The addition of negative space and openwork adds further dimension and movement enhancing the light refraction off the gems. Each gem catches the light at a slightly different angle drawing the eye around and around the bracelet. Below, the designer Juleve uses oval natural unheated aquamarines and diamonds in a floral inspired design to create a one of a kind masterpiece. Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. there can be no better holiday gift!

    Juleve Diamond and Aquamarine Bracelet

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    A bracelet allows the jewelry designer room for creative expression. A single line of diamonds in a traditional tennis bracelet is amazing. However, the addition of other gems such as emeralds as used below, gives the jewelry designer room for expression. The use of stones in a variety of shapes makes this bracelet exceptionally beautiful and unique.

    Diamond and emerald bracelet

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