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  1. Mens' Wedding Bands Getting the Fashion Treatment

    Mens' rings have come back into fashion in a big way, and mens' wedding bands are no exception. Wedding bands are a hot way for men to express a bit of their individuality through subtle details, or a more flashy statement. Check out all the latest in mens' wedding band trends at your favorite jewelry store, and you will be astonished at all the options available to today's groom!

    High-Tech Bands Are Built to Last

    One hot trend in mens' wedding bands is using high-tech materials such as super-tough tungsten, durable yet lightweight titanium, or beautiful, indestructible cobalt chrome. These modern-day materials are just as beautiful as the more traditional gold and platinum, but can keep up with adventure-loving men who don't want to have to worry about scratching or chipping their beloved bands. These high-tech materials are often surprisingly affordable as well, offering a great value and excellent longevity.

    Uniquely Expressive, Yet Totally Masculine

    Today's mens' jewelry doesn't have to look boring to feel masculine. Modern men are searching for wedding bands that are as unique as their individual personality. Mens' bands have been cropping up with intricate geometric patterns, or with Celtic designs to reflect the wearer's heritage.  Another cool mens' jewelry trend is imprinting the band with a thumbprint for a true stamp of originality! The trend has also definitely been moving away from yellow gold for men, with the majority of younger wedding band wearers opting for white gold or platinum hues.

    In Conclusion

    If you are looking for a mens' wedding band that feels unique and on-trend, head out to your local jewelry store to see all of the new options available. Whether you're looking for something sleek and simple, or a little more flashy style, modern men have almost as many options as women do when looking to invest in the ring of a lifetime.

    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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