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  1. New Fun Choices for Engagement Rings in Tampa

    Twenty years ago almost every engagement ring was a Solitaire Diamond. While a Solitaire is beautiful, today there are many new styles of engagement rings to choose from that let you express your individual love.

    Juleve Pink Sapphire Ring

    Colored Stones in an Engagement Ring

    Choosing a colored stone for the central stone in your engagement ring is one way to make your engagement unique and special. Yellow diamonds and other alternative stones such as Morganite and Sapphire are excellent choices for alternative stones. The main stone must be fairly hard to withstand the daily wear an engagement ring endures. Using a colored central stone allows you to bring your favorite color into the ring you will wear every day.

    yellow diamond ring GDS

    Alternative Styles Make Excellent Engagement Rings

    Maybe a ring that is clearly an engagement ring just isn't your thing or maybe you want one ring rather than an engagement ring and a wedding band. One of the new trends in engagement rings is to choose a ring that isn't clearly an engagement ring to everyone who looks at it. For some couples an alternative style is exactly what they are looking for. An engagement ring is really a special symbol of two people's love, of what they mean to each other. This individual expression and meaning is one reason alternative styles are becoming increasingly popular in engagement rings.

    yellow diamond heart shaped ring

    Mixed Materials for Engagement Rings

    Mixing materials such as rose gold with white gold is another way to give an engagement ring a unique look. Mixing materials is vibrant and fun. Wake up the inner creativity in your soul with a ring that uses unique materials. Wedding bands today include rings made from titanium and even wood. Inset stones can further enhance unique the use of unique materials in wedding bands.

    Three stone diamond halo engagement ring side view

    GDS in Tampa loves the new vibrance and expressive quality of alternative engagement ring styles. Today you can find a ring that is exactly right for you.

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