Gold & Diamond Source Introduces Third Party Validation,

GEMPRINT Security, and Virtual Reality Experience


Gold & Diamond Source employs the world’s most sophisticated technology to turn purchasing a diamond into a life experience.

From Virtual Reality diamond education to third party validation and FBI-level diamond security, Gold & Diamond Source helps

customers connect with their diamonds on a personal level and create family heirlooms.

Diamond Rough

Bright Crystal Diamonds are more brilliant than 96% of the world’s diamonds, and ABC Jewelers can prove it with independent,

third-party data from Sarine Technology. These diamonds are hand selected, conflict-free, and cut and polished to enhance

their natural beauty, not for carat weight. The result is breathtaking diamonds scientifically validated to be the most beautiful in the world. 


Conflict Free


Virtual Reality

Gold & Diamond Source uses virtual reality to immerse a customer into the journey their diamond has taken, starting from the ethically-sourced and conflict free

Russian diamonds mines where they were first unearthed, through the rigorous process every diamond undergoes before it can be called a Bright Crystal Diamond.

The Virtual Reality Experience is available in stores, but customers can also access the experience through a device anywhere they can connect to the internet.

Gold & Diamond Source extensive online tools allow customers to examine individual crystals under an advance 3D loupe, diamond certifications, light performance and inclusions, and more. 

Virtual Reality


Sarine 3d Party Validation

Sarine uses advanced scientific technology to verify that Bright Crystal Diamonds are among the world’s most brilliant diamonds.

The first machine in the world of it’s kind analyses individual and unique birthmarks and inclusions that each diamond has,

assesses how light moves through the diamond, and gives it a score of brilliance.

As an independent third-party, Sarine provides customers with even more peace of mind that the diamond they have purchased is world class.



Used by both the FBI and Canadian Government, GEMPRINT Security is the world’s premier diamond identification technology.

Using a non-invasive process, GEMPRINT records the unique “fingerprint” of each diamond. In the event your diamond is stolen and recovered, GEMPRINT provides a positive identification to get your jewelry back to you.

This security is so well trusted that all major insurance companies will offer a discount up to 10% off the cost of insuring your diamonds when you have a GEMPRINT record. 

Gemprint intrustment